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Silva Leite, F.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11999The De Casteljau Algorithm on Lie Groups and SpheresCrouch, P. ; Kun, G. ; Leite, F. Silva articleopenAccess
22004Fitting smooth paths on riemannian manifoldsMachado, Luís Miguel ; Leite, F. Silva preprintopenAccess
32008High order smoothing splines versus least squares problems on Riemannian manifoldsMachado, L. ; Leite, F. Silva ; Krakowski, K. preprintopenAccess
41999L-splines - A manifestation of optimal controlRodrigues, Rui C. ; Leite, F. Silva preprintopenAccess
52001The Moser-Veselov equationCardoso, J. R. ; Leite, F. Silva preprintopenAccess
62002A multi-input/multi-output system representation of generalized splines in R^nRodrigues, Rui C. F. Silva ; Leite, F. Silva preprintopenAccess
71999On computing real logarithms for matrices in the Lie group of special Euclidean motions in RnCardoso, J. R. ; Leite, F. Silva preprintopenAccess
82007On the Geometry of Rolling and Interpolation Curves on S n , SO n , and Grassmann ManifoldsHüper, K. ; Silva Leite, F. articleopenAccess
92002Optimization on quadratic matrix Lie groupsMachado, Luís Miguel ; Leite, F. Silva preprintopenAccess
102006Padé and Gregory error estimates for the logarithm of block triangular matricesCardoso, João R. ; Silva Leite, F. articleopenAccess
111998A second order Riemannian variational problem from a Hamiltonian perspectiveCrouch, P. ; Leite, F. Silva ; Camarinha, M. preprintopenAccess
122001Theoretical and numerical considerations about Padé approximants for the matrix logarithmCardoso, J. R. ; Silva Leite, F. articleopenAccess