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Saraiva, Paulo
Saraiva, P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
119-Jul-2004Álgebras de Lie e de Maltsev generalizadasSaraiva, Paulo Manuel David Mota doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
22015Best Pair of Two Skew Lines over the OctonionsSaraiva, P. ; Beites, P. D. ; Fernandes, J. ; Costa, C. ; Vitória, José articleopenAccess
3Oct-2006On derivations of the ternary Malcev algebra M_8Saraiva, P. ; Pojidaev, A. P. articleopenAccess
4Mar-2011On identities of a Ternary Quaternion AlgebraBeites, P. D. ; Nicolás, A. P. ; Pozhidaev, A. P. ; Saraiva, P. articleopenAccess
5Jan-2009On simple Filippov superalgebras of type B(0,n), IISaraiva, Paulo ; Pojidaev, Alexander P. articleopenAccess
62007On simple Filippov superalgebras of type B(0,n), IIPojidaev, Alexander P. ; Saraiva, Paulo preprintopenAccess
72003On some algebras related with the simple 8-dimensional ternary Malcev algebra M8Pojidaev, Alexander P. ; Saraiva, Paulo preprintopenAccess
8Mar-2003On Some Generalizations of Malcev AlgebrasSaraiva, P. articleopenAccess
9Apr-2002Reduced n-Lie algebrasSaraiva, P. articleopenAccess