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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
8-Jul-2022First Dark Matter Search Results from the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) ExperimentAalbers, J.; Akerib, D. S.; Akerlof, C. W.; Musalhi, A. K. Al; Brás, P.; Cabrita, R.; Lindote, A.; Lopes, M. I.; Lopez Asamar, E.; Neves, F.; Pal, S.; Pereira, C. ; Pereira, G.; Porzio, D.; Rodrigues, J. P.; Silva, C. ; Solovov, V. N. ; et al.articleopenAccess
2021A Residual Stress Prediction of Machining IN718 Produced by Direct Energy DepositionCareri, Francesco; Imbrogno, Stano; Umbrello, Domenico; Outeiro, José C.; Batista, António C. articleopenAccess
2021Fatigue Performance of Thin Laser Butt Welds in HSLA SteelRiofrío, Patricio G.; Antunes, Fernando ; Ferreira, José ; Batista, António Castanhola ; Capela, Carlos articleopenAccess
2022Approximations for the von Neumann and Rényi entropies of graphs with circulant type LaplaciansBebiano, Natália ; Providência, João da ; Xu, Wei-RuarticleopenAccess
2022Isolation, Identification, Spectral Studies and X-ray Crystal Structures of Two Compounds from Bixa orellana, DFT Calculations and DNA Binding StudiesParveen, Mehtab; Azeem, Mohammad; Aslam, Afroz; Azam, Mohammad; Siddiqui, Sharmin; Tabish, Mohammad; Malla, Ali Mohammad; Min, Kim; Rodrigues, Vítor Hugo ; Al-Resayes, Saud I.; Alam, MahboobarticleopenAccess
Jan-2021High electrical conductivity at room temperature of MnCo2O4 cobaltite spinel prepared by sol gel methodZaouali, Ameni; Dhahri, Ahmed; Boughariou, Aicha; Dhahri, Essebti; Régis Barillé; Costa, B. F. O.; Khirouni, KamelarticleembargoedAccess
26-Feb-2021Synthesis and study of the structural and dielectric properties of La0.67Ca0.2Ba0.13Fe1-xMnxO3 ferrites (x¿=¿0, 0.03 and 0.06)Dhahri, A.; Zaouali, A.; Benali, A.; Abdelmoulla, N.; Massoudi, J.; Nouri, K.; Bessais, L.; Graça, M. P. F.; Valente, M. A.; Costa, B. F. O.articleopenAccess
4-Dec-2020Tidal evolution of the Pluto-Charon binaryCorreia, Alexandre C. M. articleopenAccess
10-Jan-2022Detection of the tidal deformation of WASP-103b at 3 σ with CHEOPSBarros, S. C. C.; Akinsanm, B.; G. Boué, G.; Smith, A. M. S.; Laskar, J.; Ulmer-Moll, S.; Lillo-Box, J.; Correia, A. C. M. ; The CHEOPS teamarticleopenAccess
2021Quantitative analysis of neuronal mitochondrial movement reveals patterns resulting from neurotoxicity of rotenone and 6-hydroxydopamineSimões, Rui F. ; Pino, Rute; Soares, Maurício Moreira ; Kovarova, Jaromira ; Neuzil, Jiri ; Travasso, Rui ; Oliveira, Paulo J.; Cunha-Oliveira, Teresa ; Pereira, Francisco B.articleopenAccess
2020Reply to “Comment on ‘Role of the transition state in muon implantation’ and ‘Thermal spike in muon implantation”’Vilão, R. C.; Alberto, H. V.; Vieira, R. B. L.; Gil, J. M.; Weidinger, A.articleopenAccess
2021Hydrogen states in mixed-cation CuIn(1−x)GaxSe2 chalcopyrite alloys: a combined study by first-principles density-functional calculations and muon-spin spectroscopyMarinopoulos, A. G. ; Vilão, R. C. ; Alberto, H. V.; Ribeiro, E. F. M.; Gil, J. M.; Mengyan, P. W. ; Goeks, M. R.; Kauk-Kuusik, M.; Lord, J. S. articleopenAccess
2021Sapphire α−Al2O3 puzzle: Joint μSR and density functional theory studyVilão, R. C. ; Marinopoulos, A. G. ; Alberto, H. V.; Gil, J. M.; Lord, J. S. ; Weidinger, A. articleopenAccess
2021Mechanical apparatus for the fold catastrophe demonstrationFiolhais, M. ; Golli, B. ; Nogueira, R. N. articleopenAccess
2020Sistema mecánico con un potencial catastróficoFiolhais, Manuel ; Nogueira, Rogério articleopenAccess
2021A New Sample of Gamma-Ray Emitting Jetted Active Galactic Nuclei—Preliminary ResultsFoschini, Luigi; Lister, Matthew L.; Antón, Sonia; Berton, Marco; Ciroi, Stefano; Marchã, Maria J. M.; Tornikoski, Merja; Järvelä, Emilia; Romano, Patrizia; Vercellone, Stefano; Dalla Bontà, ElenaarticleopenAccess
23-Jun-2021Light hyperclusters and hyperons in low-density hot stellar matterCustódio, Tiago; Pais, Helena ; Providência, Constança preprintopenAccess
20-Jul-2015Analytic continuation of nucleon electromagnetic form factors in the time-like regionAlberto, Pedro ; Drago, Alessandro; Mangoni, Alessio; Moretti, Simone; Pacetti, SimonepreprintopenAccess
29-Dec-2019Manuel dos Reis e a Astronomia em Portugal de 1930 a 1970Cardoso, Jorge; Martins, Décio ; Malonek, Helmuth ; Fiolhais, Carlos articleopenAccess
22-Jun-2021An Effective Field Theory Analysis of the First LUX Dark Matter SearchAkerib, D. S. ; Alsum, S.; Araújo, H. M.; Bai, X.; Balajthy, J.; Baxter, A.; Bernard, E. P.; Bernstein, A.; Biesiadzinski, T. P.; Boulton, E. M.; B. Boxer, B.; Brás, P.; Manalaysay, A.; Marangou, N.; McKinsey, D. N.; Mei, D.-M.; M. Moongweluwan, M.; Morad, J. A.; Murphy, A. St. J. ; Naylor, A.; Nehrkorn, C. ; Nelson, H. N. ; Neves, F.; Nilima, A.; Oliver-Mallory, K. C.; Palladino, K. J.; Pease, E. K. ; Riffard, Q.; Rischbieter, G. R. C.; Rhyne, C.; Rossiter, P.; Shaw, S.; Shutt, T. A. ; Silva, C. ; et al.articleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 143