I&D CFis - Artigos em Revistas Internacionais : [87]


Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
14-Nov-2018Facile Synthesis of Three Kobolds: Introducing Students to the Structure of Pigments and Their CharacterizationMartín-Ramos, Pablo ; Susano, Maria ; Francisco P. S. C. Gi, Francisco ; S. Pereira da Silva, Pedro ; Martín-Gil, Jesus ; Ramos Silva, Manuela articleopenAccess
29-Aug-2018Stability of the neutron-proton-electron matter under strong magnetic fields: The covariant Vlasov approachAvancini, Sidney ; Bertolino, B. P. ; Rabhi, Aziz ; Fang, Jianjun ; Pais, Helena ; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
28-Sep-2018GW170817: Constraining the nuclear matter equation of state from the neutron star tidal deformabilityMalik, Tuhin ; Alam, N. ; Fortin, M. ; Providência, C. ; Agrawal, B. K. ; Jha, T. K. ; Kumar, Bharat ; Patra, S. K. articleopenAccess
6-Jul-2018A local uPAR-plasmin-TGFβ1 positive feedback loop in a qualitative computational model of angiogenic sprouting explains the in vitro effect of fibrinogen variantsE. M. Boas, Sonja ; Carvalho, João ; van den Broek, Marloes ; M. Weijers, Ester ; Goumans, Marie-José ; Goumans, Marie-José ; Koolwijk, Pieter ; M. H. Merks, Roeland articleopenAccess
22-Jan-2018Capillary network formation from dispersed endothelial cells: Influence of cell traction, cell adhesion, and extracellular matrix rigidityR. D. Ramos, João ; Travasso, Rui ; Carvalho, João articleopenAccess
26-Jul-2018Supercurrent anomaly and gauge invariance in the N = 1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theoryBatista, Y. R. ; Hiller, Brigitte ; Cherchigli, Adriano ; Sampaio, Marcos articleopenAccess
18-Apr-2018Selecting the spin crossover profile with controlled crystallization of mononuclear Fe(III) polymorphsVicente, Ana I.; P. Ferreira, Liliana; Carvalho, Maria de Deus; H. N. Rodrigues, Vítor; M. Dîrtu, Marinela; Garcia, Yann; Calhorda, Maria José; N. Martinho, PauloarticleopenAccess
27-Mar-2018Spontaneous magnetization under a pseudovector interaction between quarks in high density quark matterMorimoto, Masatoshi ; Tsue, Yasuhiko ; Providência, João ; Providência, Constança ; Yamamura, Masatoshi articleopenAccess
30-Jan-2018Multiple critical endpoints in magnetized three flavor quark matterFerreira, Márcio ; Costa, Pedro ; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
28-Mar-2018Polar-antipolar transition and weak ferromagnetism in Mn-doped Bi0.86La0.14FeO3Khomchenko, V A; D V Karpinsky, D V; Troyanchuk, I O; Sikolenko, V V; Többens, D M; Ivanov, M S; Silibin, M V; Paixão, J AarticleopenAccess
31-Oct-2018Hybrid stars from the NJL model with a tensor-interactionMatsuoka, H. ; Tsue, Y. ; Providencia, J. ; Providencia, C. ; Yamamura, M. articleopenAccess
2-Mar-2018Synthesis, Structure, and Cytotoxicity of a New Sulphanyl-Bridged Thiadiazolyl-Saccharinate Conjugate: The Relevance of S···N InteractionI. L. Cabral, Lília ; M. Brás, Elisa ; S. C. Henriques, Marta ; Marques, Cátia ; M. T. Frija, Luís ; Barreira, Luísa ; Paixão, José António ; Fausto, Rui ; S. Cristiano, Maria Lurdes articleopenAccess
15-Mar-2018Self-assembled diphenylalanine peptide microtubes covered by reduced graphene oxide/spiky nickel nanocomposite: An integrated nanobiomaterial for multifunctional applicationsIvanov, M.S.; Khomchenko, V.A.; Salimian, M.; Nikitin, T.; Kopyl, S.; Buryakov, A.M.; Mishina, E.D.; Salehli, F.; A.A.P. Marques, P.; Goncalves, G.; Fausto, R.; Paixão, J.A.; L. Kholkin, A.articleopenAccess
5-Jan-2018Synthesis, physicochemical and optical properties of bis-thiosemicarbazone functionalized graphene oxideSantosh, Kumar; Y. Wani, Mohmmad; T. Arranja, Claudia; A.E. Castro, Ricardo; Paixão, José A.; J.F.N. Sobral, AbilioarticleopenAccess
1-Oct-2018NLO properties of a triphenlyguanidine salt: The importance of pseudo-symmetryS. Pereira Silva, Pedro ; A. Pereira Gonçalves, Mauro ; Ramos Silva, Manuela ; Zawadzkac, Anna ; Sahraouid, Bouchta ; A.Paixão, José articleopenAccess
3-Aug-2018Net baryon-number fluctuations in magnetized quark matterFerreira, M. ; Costa, P. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
6-Aug-2018Presence of a critical endpoint in the QCD phase diagram from the net-baryon number fluctuationsFerreira, M. ; Costa, P. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
1-Aug-2017Localized redox relays as a privileged mode of cytoplasmic hydrogen peroxide signalingTravasso, R. D. M. ; Aidos, F. S. ; Bayani, A. ; Abranches, P. ; Salvador, A. articleopenAccess
6-Aug-2015The Force at the Tip - Modelling Tension and Proliferation in Sprouting AngiogenesisSantos-Oliveira, P. ; Correia, A. ; Rodrigues, T. ; Ribeiro-Rodrigues, T. M. ; Matafome, T. ; Rodríguez-Manzaneque, J. C. ; Seiça, R. ; Girão, H. ; Travasso, R. D. M. articleopenAccess
7-Mar-2017High-throughput search of ternary chalcogenides for p-type transparent electrodesShi, J. ; Cerqueira, T.F.T. ; Cui, W. ; Nogueira, F. ; Botti, S. ; Marques, M. A. L. articleopenAccess