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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2019Thermal spike in muon implantationVilão, R. C.; Alberto, H. V.; Gil, J. M.; Weidinger, A.articleopenAccess
19-May-2016The principle of relativity and the de Broglie relationGuémez, J. ; Fiolhais, M. articleopenAccess
10-Jan-2019Four-vector description of the photon-in-a-box problemGüémez, J. ; Fiolhais, M. articleopenAccess
15-May-2018Principles of time evolution in classical physicsGüémez, J. ; Fiolhais, M. articleopenAccess
18-Oct-2018Relativistic description of the photoelectric effectGüémez, J. ; Fiolhais, M. articleopenAccess
30-Oct-2018Relativistic rotation — how does the energy vary with angular momentum?Güémez, J. ; Fiolhais, M. ; Fernández, L. A. articleopenAccess
7-Jan-2016Trabajo de las fuerzas internasGüemez, J. ; Fiolhais, M. articleopenAccess
4-May-2016Dissipation effects in mechanics and thermodynamicsGüémez, J. ; Fiolhais, M. articleopenAccess
19-Nov-2015Relativistic mechanical–thermodynamical formalism—description of inelastic collisionsGüémez, J.; Fiolhais, M. ; Fernández, L AarticleopenAccess
1-Jun-2016“Walking” along a free rotating bicycle wheel (Round and round)Guémez, J. ; Fiolhais, M. articleopenAccess
30-Apr-2015On the work of internal forcesGüémez, J. ; Fiolhais, M. ; Brito, L. articleopenAccess
8-Dec-2015General spin and pseudospin symmetries of the Dirac equationP. Alberto, M. Malheiro ; T. Frederico, A. de Castro articleopenAccess
31-Aug-2017Temperature effects on nuclear pseudospin symmetry in the Dirac-Hartree-Bogoliubov formalismR. Lisboa ; P. Alberto ; B. V. Carlson ; M. Malheiro articleopenAccess
2-Mar-2017New solutions of the D-dimensional Klein-Gordon equation via mapping onto the nonrelativistic one-dimensional Morse potentialM. G. Garcia ; A. S. de Castro ; L. B. Castro ; P. Alberto articleopenAccess
Apr-2017Solutions of the three-dimensional radial Dirac equation from the Schrödinger equation with one-dimensional Morse potentialGarcia, M.G. ; de Castro, A.S. ; Alberto, P. ; Castro, L.B. articleopenAccess
Jan-2018Relativistic particle in a box: Klein–Gordon versus Dirac equationsAlberto, Pedro ; Das, Saurya ; Vagenas, Elias C articleopenAccess
8-Feb-2018Protons in cubic yttria-stabilized zirconia: Binding sites and migration pathwaysG. Marinopoulos, A. articleopenAccess
8-Feb-2018Highly active P25@Pd/C nanocomposite for the degradation of Naphthol Blue Black with visible lightKrishnakumar, Balu ; Kumar, Santosh ; M. Gil, João ; Pandiyan, V. ; Aguiar, António ; J.F. N. Sobral, Abílio articleopenAccess
9-Feb-2018Crystal structure, quantum mechanical investigation, IR and NMR spectroscopy of two new organic salts: (C8H12NO)$[NO3] (I) and (C8H14N4)$[ClO4]2 (II)Bayar, I. ; Khedhir, L. ; Soudani, S. ; Lefebvre, F. ; Pereira da Silva, P.S. ; Ben Nasr, C. articleopenAccess
19-Feb-2018Different molecular conformations in the crystal structures of three 5-nitroimidazolyl derivativesF. B. Osorio, Luis ; A. Carvalho, Samir ; F. da Silva, Edson ; A. M. Fraga, Carlos ; M. S. V. Wardell, Solange ; F. Milne, Bruce ; L. Wardel, James ; T. A. Harrisone, William articleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 123