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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
119-Sep-2013A Raman laser system for adiabatic transfer of polar moleculesAmaro, Diana Ines Lopes masterThesisopenAccess
224-Jul-2015Anisotropy in the equation of state of magnetized quark matterMenezes, D. P. ; Pinto, M. B. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
32005Asymmetric nuclear matter and its instabilitiesAvancini, S. S. ; Menezes, D. P.; Brito, L. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
412-Sep-2014Beyond the Schwinger boson representation of the su(2)-algebra. I -- New boson representation based on the su(1,1)-algebra and its related problems with applicationTsue, Yasuhiko ; Providência, Constança ; Providência, João da ; Yamamura, Masatoshi articleopenAccess
5Jul-2016Chiral Transition and Deconfinement in Hybrid StarsPereira, Renan Câmara masterThesisopenAccess
62001Ciência a brincar 2 : descobre a terra! (Prefácio)Providência, Constança ; Reis, Isabel Schreck ; Fiolhais, Carlos bookPartopenAccess
72006Começar... : ciências físico-químicas no primeiro cicloMoreira, Yaneth Simões doctoralThesisopenAccess
82024Constraining a relativistic mean field model using neutron star mass–radius measurements I: nucleonic modelsHuang, Chun; Raaijmakers, Geert; Watts, Anna L; Tolos, Laura; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
97-Apr-2016Correlation of the neutron star crust-core properties with the slope of the symmetry energy and the lead skin thicknessPais, H. ; Sulaksono, A. ; Agrawal, B. K. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
1013-Jun-2017Crust-core transition of a neutron star: Effects of the symmetry energy and temperature under strong magnetic fieldsFang, J. ; Pais, H. ; Pratapsi, S. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
1112-Jun-2023Decoding Neutron Star Observations: Revealing Composition through Bayesian Neural NetworksCarvalho, Valéria ; Ferreira, Márcio ; Malik, Tuhin ; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
1222-Jan-2014Deconfinement and chiral restoration within the SU(3) Polyakov–Nambu–Jona-Lasinio and entangled Polyakov–Nambu–Jona-Lasinio models in an external magnetic fieldFerreira, M. ; Costa, P. ; Menezes, D. P. ; Providência, C. ; Scoccola, N. N. articleopenAccess
1319-Feb-2014Deconfinement, chiral symmetry restoration and thermodynamics of ( 2 + 1 )-flavor hot QCD matter in an external magnetic fieldFerreira, M. ; Costa, P. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
141999Droplet formation in cold asymmetric nuclear matterMenezes, D. P. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
15Apr-2017Effect of strong magnetic fields on the crust-core transition and inner crust of neutron starsFang, J. ; Pais, H. ; Pratapsi, S. ; Avancini, S. ; Li, J. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
162014Effect of Tensor Correlations on the Density Dependence of the Nuclear Symmetry EnergyVidaña, Isaac ; Providência, Constança ; Polls, ArturarticleopenAccess
1729-Sep-2017Effects of strong magnetic fields on the crust and entrainment in neutron starsPratapsi, Sagar Dipak Silva masterThesisopenAccess
1823-Apr-2014Effects of the symmetry energy on the kaon condensates in the quark-meson coupling modelPanda, P. K. ; Menezes, D. P. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
1917-Oct-2014Equation of state and thickness of the inner crust of neutron starsGrill, F. ; Pais, H. ; Providência, C. ; Vidaña, I. ; Avancini, S. S. articleopenAccess
202004Equations of state for mixed starsMenezes, D. P.; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
21Jul-2008Estrelas de quarks num campo magnético fortePais, Helena Sofia de Castro Felga Ramos masterThesisopenAccess
221998Finite Temperature Effects in the NonintegrableSU(3) Lipkin ModelTerra, M. O. ; Nemes, M. C. ; Providência, C. da ; Providência, J. da articleopenAccess
2328-Sep-2018GW170817: Constraining the nuclear matter equation of state from the neutron star tidal deformabilityMalik, Tuhin ; Alam, N. ; Fortin, M. ; Providência, C. ; Agrawal, B. K. ; Jha, T. K. ; Kumar, Bharat ; Patra, S. K. articleopenAccess
2431-Oct-2018Hybrid stars from the NJL model with a tensor-interactionMatsuoka, H. ; Tsue, Y. ; Providencia, J. ; Providencia, C. ; Yamamura, M. articleopenAccess
2513-May-2021Hybrid stars with large strange quark cores constrained by GW170817Ferreira, Márcio; Pereira, Renan Câmara; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
2614-Jun-2017Hypernuclei and massive neutron starsFortin, M. ; Avancini, s. s. ; Providência, C. ; Vidaña, I. articleopenAccess
278-Jun-2015Hyperons in neutron star matter within relativistic mean-field modelsOertel, M. ; Providência, C. ; Gulminelli, F. ; Raduta, Ad R. articleopenAccess
2816-Mar-2016Hyperons in neutron stars and supernova coresOertel, M. ; Gulminelli, F. ; Providência, C. ; Raduta, A. R. articleopenAccess
299-Oct-2017Hyperons in the nuclear pasta phaseMenezes, D. P. articleopenAccess
3027-Feb-2014Imprint of the symmetry energy on the inner crust and strangeness content of neutron starsProvidência, C. ; Avancini, S. S. ; Cavagnoli, R. ; Chiacchiera, S. ; Ducoin, D. ; Grill, F. ; Margueron, J. ; Menezes, D. P. ; Rabhi, A. articleopenAccess
3131-Aug-2015Influence of the inverse magnetic catalysis and the vector interaction in the location of the critical end pointCosta, P. ; Ferreira, M. ; Menezes, D. P. ; Moreira, J. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
3227-Nov-2012Interplay between Spin Polarization and Color Superconductivity in High Density Quark MatterTsue, Yasuhiko ; Providencia, João da ; Providência, Constança ; Yamamura, M. ; Bohr, HenrikarticleopenAccess
3316-Jun-2014Inverse magnetic catalysis in the ( 2 + 1 ) -flavor Nambu–Jona-Lasinio and Polyakov–Nambu–Jona-Lasinio modelsFerreira, M. ; Costa, P. ; Lourenço, O.; Frederico, T. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
341999Kaons in a hot and flavor-asymmetric mediumRuivo, M. C. ; Sousa, C. A. de ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
357-Dec-2016Larger and more heterogeneous neutron star crusts: A result of strong magnetic fieldsFang, J. ; Pais, H. ; Avancini, S. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
3620-Apr-2017Light clusters and pasta phases in warm and dense nuclear matterAvancini, S. S. ; Ferreira, M. ; Pais, H. ; Providência, C. ; Röpke, G. articleopenAccess
374-Apr-2018Light clusters in warm stellar matter: explicit mass shifts and universal cluster-meson couplingsPais, Helena ; Gulminelli, Francesca ; Providência, Constança ; Ropke, Gerd articleopenAccess
387-May-2015Light clusters, pasta phases, and phase transitions in core-collapse supernova matterPais, H. ; Chiacchiera, S. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
3923-Jun-2021Light hyperclusters and hyperons in low-density hot stellar matterCustódio, Tiago; Pais, Helena ; Providência, Constança preprintopenAccess
4017-Apr-2015Magnetic susceptibility and magnetization properties of asymmetric nuclear matter in a strong magnetic fieldRabhi, A. ; Pérez-García, M. A. ; Providência, C. ; Vidaña, I. articleopenAccess
4130-Jan-2018Multiple critical endpoints in magnetized three flavor quark matterFerreira, Márcio ; Costa, Pedro ; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
423-Aug-2018Net baryon-number fluctuations in magnetized quark matterFerreira, M. ; Costa, P. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
4321-Sep-2016Neutrino diffusion in the pasta phase matter within the Thomas-Fermi approachFurtado, U. J. ; Avancini, S. S. ; Marinelli, J. R. ; Martarello, W. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
442-Oct-2019Neutron Star Crust: Effects of Rotation and Strong magnetic fieldsSengo, Ivo Arcanjo Jorge BenemasterThesisopenAccess
452020Neutron Star Properties: Quantifying the Effect of the Crust–Core Matching ProcedureFerreira, Márcio ; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
4619-Sep-2016Neutron star radii and crusts: Uncertainties and unified equations of stateFortin, M. ; Providência, C. ; Raduta, Ad. R. ; Gulminelli, F. ; Zdunik, J. L. ; Haensel, P. ; Bejger, M. articleopenAccess
478-Jun-2016Neutron stars: From the inner crust to the core with the (extended) Nambu–Jona-Lasinio modelPais, H. ; Menezes, D. P. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
486-Jan-2015New boson realization of the Lipkin model obeying the su(2)-algebraTsue, Yasuhiko ; Providência, Constança ; Providencia, João da ; Yamamura, Masatoshi articleopenAccess
4921-Dec-2022Non-strange quark stars within resummed QCDRestrepo, Tulio E.; Providência, Constança ; Pinto, Marcus BenghiarticleopenAccess
5027-Sep-2013Nonlinear terms and density dependence of the nuclear symmetry energy effect on neutron star structure and contentBizarro, Daniel Pessoa da Silva masterThesisopenAccess
512011Nuclear matter equation of state with light clustersFerreira, Márcio Rafael Baptista masterThesisopenAccess
5219-May-2017Nuclear pasta phases within the quark-meson coupling modelGrams, G. ; Santos, A. M. ; Panda, P. K. ; Providência, C. ; Menezes, D. P. articleopenAccess
5325-Mar-2014Phase transition and critical end point driven by an external magnetic field in asymmetric quark matterCosta, P. ; Ferreira, M. ; Hansen, H. ; Menezes, D. P. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
546-Aug-2018Presence of a critical endpoint in the QCD phase diagram from the net-baryon number fluctuationsFerreira, M. ; Costa, P. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
552008Proposta de um kit básico de actividades experimentais de física e de química para o 1º ciclo do ensino básicoCosta, Sandra Margarida Lopes Simões da doctoralThesisopenAccess
5614-Jun-2013A Pseudo su(1,1)-Algebraic Deformation of the Cooper-Pair in the su(2)-Algebraic Many-Fermion ModelTsue, Yasuhiko ; Providência, Constança ; Providencia, João da ; Yamamura, Masatoshi articleopenAccess
572007The QCD phase diagram and the gamma-ray burstsMenezes, D. P. ; Melrose, D. B. ; Providência, C. ; Wu, K. articleopenAccess
5824-Nov-2015QCD phase diagram under an external magnetic fieldFerreira, Márcio Rafael Baptista doctoralThesisopenAccess
5915-Apr-2021Quantum Chromodynamics Phase Diagram Under Extreme ConditionsPereira, Renan CâmaradoctoralThesisopenAccess
6018-Mar-2016Quark matter nucleation in neutron stars and astrophysical implicationsBombaci, I. ; Logoteta, D. ; Vidana, I. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
612014Quark spin polarization in high density quark matterTsue, Yasuhiko ; Providência, João da ; Providência, Constança ; Yamamura, Masatoshi articleopenAccess
626-Jul-2012Quark-Hadron Phase-Transition in an Extended NJL Model with Scalar-Vector InteractionLee, Tong-Gyu; Tsue, Yasuhiko ; Providencia, João da ; Providência, Constança ; Yamamura, Masatoshi articleopenAccess
632005Relativistic equation of state with short range correlationsPanda, P. K. ; Menezes, D. P. ; Providência, C. ; Providência, J. da articleopenAccess
6410-Nov-2014Relativistic mean-field hadronic models under nuclear matter constraintsDutra, M. ; Lourenço, O.; Avancini, S. S. ; Carlson, B. V. ; Delfino, A. ; Menezes, D. P. ; Providência, C. ; Typel, S. ; Stone, J. R. articleopenAccess
65Jul-2010Relatório de estágio de mestrado em ensino de física e de quimica no 3º ciclo do ensino secundárioSeco, Marta Cristina Simões Nogueira masterThesisopenAccess
6623-May-2014Repulsive vector interaction in three-flavor magnetized quark and stellar matterMenezes, D. P. ; Pinto, M. B. ; Castro, L. B. ; Costa, P. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
672023Robust universal relations in neutron star asteroseismologyKumar, Deepak; Malik, Tuhin ; Mishra, Hiranmaya; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
6822-Jan-2009Self-Consistent-Field Method and $τ$-Functional Method on Group Manifold in Soliton Theory: a Review and New ResultsNishiyama, Seiya; Providencia, João da ; Providência, Constança ; Cordeiro, Flávio ; Komatsu, TakaoarticleopenAccess
6919-Jan-2023Spanning the full range of neutron star properties within a microscopic descriptionMalik, Tuhin ; Ferreira, Márcio ; Albino, Milena Bastos ; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
701-Mar-2017Spin polarization and color superconductivity in the Nambu–Jona-Lasinio model at finite temperatureMatsuoka, H. ; Tsue, Y. ; Providência, J. ; Providência, C. ; Yamamura, M. articleopenAccess
7123-Sep-2014Spin Polarization versus Color-Flavor-Locking in High Density Quark MatterTsue, Yasuhiko ; Providencia, João da ; Providência, Constança ; Yamamura, Masatoshi; Bohr, HenrikarticleopenAccess
723-Jul-2015Spontaneous magnetization in high-density quark matterTsue, Yasuhiko ; Providencia, João da ; Providência, Constança ; Yamamura, Masatoshi ; Bohr, HenrikarticleopenAccess
7327-Mar-2018Spontaneous magnetization under a pseudovector interaction between quarks in high density quark matterMorimoto, Masatoshi ; Tsue, Yasuhiko ; Providência, João ; Providência, Constança ; Yamamura, Masatoshi articleopenAccess
7429-Aug-2018Stability of the neutron-proton-electron matter under strong magnetic fields: The covariant Vlasov approachAvancini, Sidney ; Bertolino, B. P. ; Rabhi, Aziz ; Fang, Jianjun ; Pais, Helena ; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
7528-Jul-2014Strange quark chiral phase transition in hot 2 + 1 -flavor magnetized quark matterFerreira, M. ; Costa, P. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
769-Nov-2016Strong correlations of neutron star radii with the slopes of nuclear matter incompressibility and symmetry energy at saturationAlam, N. ; Agrawal, B. K. ; Fortin, M. ; Pais, H. ; Providência, C. ; Raduta, Ad. R. ; Sulaksono, A. articleopenAccess
775-Apr-2023Temperature and Strong Magnetic Field Effects in Dense MatterPeterson, J.; Costa, P. ; Kumar, R.; Dexheimer, V.; Negreiros, R.; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
7825-Feb-2014Tensor force effects and high-momentum components in the nuclear symmetry energyCarbone, A. ; Polls, A. ; Providência, C. ; Rios, A. ; Vidana, I. articleopenAccess
7918-Dec-2017The clusterization of nuclear matter in a Neutron star under strong magnetic fieldsFang, Jianjun doctoralThesisopenAccess
802023The Effects of Self-interacting Bosonic Dark Matter on Neutron Star PropertiesGiangrandi, Edoardo ; Sagun, Violetta V. ; Ivanytskyi, Oleksii; Providência, Constança ; Dietrich, TimarticleopenAccess
813-Oct-2017Two-phase model for warm stellar matter: an equation of state for compact starsDuarte, André Marques Pina de Oliveira masterThesisopenAccess
822-Nov-2016Two-solar-mass hybrid stars: A two model description using the Nambu–Jona-Lasinio quark modelPereira, R. C. ; Costa, P. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
8329-Jul-2016Vlasov formalism for extended relativistic mean field models: The crust-core transition and the stellar matter equation of statePais, H. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
8423-May-2017Warm unstable asymmetric nuclear matter: Critical properties and the density dependence of the symmetry energyAlam, N. ; Pais, H. ; Providência, C. ; Agrawal, B. K. articleopenAccess