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Malik, Tuhin
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
112-Jun-2023Decoding Neutron Star Observations: Revealing Composition through Bayesian Neural NetworksCarvalho, Valéria ; Ferreira, Márcio ; Malik, Tuhin ; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
2Dec-2019Equation of state for dense matter from finite nuclei to neutron star mergersMalik, Tuhin doctoralThesisopenAccess
328-Sep-2018GW170817: Constraining the nuclear matter equation of state from the neutron star tidal deformabilityMalik, Tuhin ; Alam, N. ; Fortin, M. ; Providência, C. ; Agrawal, B. K. ; Jha, T. K. ; Kumar, Bharat ; Patra, S. K. articleopenAccess
42023Non-radial oscillation modes in hybrid stars: consequences of a mixed phaseKumar, Deepak; Mishra, Hiranmaya; Malik, Tuhin articleopenAccess
52023Robust universal relations in neutron star asteroseismologyKumar, Deepak; Malik, Tuhin ; Mishra, Hiranmaya; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
619-Jan-2023Spanning the full range of neutron star properties within a microscopic descriptionMalik, Tuhin ; Ferreira, Márcio ; Albino, Milena Bastos ; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
71-Jun-2023Unveiling a universal relationship between the f(R) parameter and neutron star propertiesNobleson, K.; Banik, Sarmistha; Malik, Tuhin articleopenAccess