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3-Mar-2023Effect of Propolis on Root Dentine Microhardness When Used as an Intracanal Medicament: An In Vitro StudyNaeem, Meshal Muhammad; Sarwar, Huma; Nisar, Aliza; Ahmed, Shahbaz; Shabbir, Juzer; Khurshid, Zohaib; Palma, Paulo J. articleopenAccess
Oct-2023Assessment of the Prevalence of Radix Entomolaris and Distolingual Canal in Mandibular First Molars in 15 Countries: A Multinational Cross-sectional Study with Meta-analysisHatipoğlu, Fatma Pertek; Mağat, Güldane; Hatipoğlu, Ömer; Al-Khatib, Hanan; Elatrash, Anas S; Abidin, Imran Zainal; Kulczyk, Tomasz; Ahmed Mohamed Alkhawas, Moataz-Bellah; Buchanan, Glynn Dale; Kopbayeva, Maira; Surendar, Sugumaran; Javed, Muhammad Qasim; Madfa, Ahmed A; Bürklein, Sebastian; Mimica, Sarah; Bhatti, Usman Anwer; Maratovna, Tulegenova Indira; Palma, Paulo J. ; Brochado Martins, João FilipearticleopenAccess
8-Nov-2018Does Delayed Restoration Improve Shear Bond Strength of Different Restorative Protocols to Calcium Silicate-Based Cements?Palma, Paulo J. ; Marques, Joana A. ; Falacho, Rui I. ; Vinagre, Alexandra ; Santos, João Miguel; Ramos, João C. articleopenAccess
Oct-2023Effectiveness of revitalization in treating apical periodontitis: A systematic review and meta-analysisMeschi, Nastaran; Palma, Paulo J. ; Cabanillas-Balsera, DanielarticleopenAccess
Aug-2017Histologic Evaluation of Regenerative Endodontic Procedures with the Use of Chitosan Scaffolds in Immature Dog Teeth with Apical PeriodontitisPalma, Paulo J. ; Ramos, João C; Martins, João B. ; Diogenes, Anibal; Figueiredo, Maria H; Ferreira, Paula; Viegas, Carlos; Santos, João MarticleopenAccess
8-Jun-2023Bulk-Fill Resins versus Conventional Resins: An Umbrella ReviewSilva, Gonçalo ; Marto, Carlos Miguel ; Amaro, Inês ; Coelho, Ana ; Sousa, José Paulo ; Ferreira, Manuel Marques ; Francisco, Inês ; Vale, Francisco José Fernandes do ; Oliveiros, Bárbara ; Carrilho, Eunice ; Paula, Anabela Baptista articleopenAccess
2016Early detection and personalized treatment in oral cancer: the impact of omics approachesRibeiro, Ilda Patrícia ; Barroso, Leonor ; Marques, Francisco ; Melo, Joana Barbosa ; Carreira, Isabel Marques articleopenAccess
20163D virtual planning in orthognathic surgery and CAD/CAM surgical splints generation in one patient with craniofacial microsomia: a case reportVale, Francisco ; Scherzberg, Jessica ; Cavaleiro, João ; Sanz, David; Caramelo, Francisco ; Maló, Luísa ; Marcelino, João Pedro articleopenAccess
2017Genetic and epigenetic characterization of the tumors in a patient with a tongue primary tumor, a recurrence and a pharyngoesophageal second primary tumorRibeiro, Ilda Patrícia ; Marques, Francisco ; Barroso, Leonor ; Miguéis, Jorge ; Caramelo, Francisco ; Santos, André ; Julião, Maria J.; Melo, Joana B. ; Carreira, Isabel M. articleopenAccess
2017Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy against Endodontic Enterococcus faecalis and Candida albicans Mono and Mixed Biofilms in the Presence of Photosensitizers: A Comparative Study with Classical Endodontic IrrigantsDiogo, Patrícia ; Fernandes, Chantal ; Caramelo, Francisco ; Mota, Marta ; Miranda, Isabel M.; Faustino, M. A. F.; Neves, M. G. P. M. S.; Uliana, Marciana P.; de Oliveira, Kleber T.; Santos, João M. ; Gonçalves, Teresa articleopenAccess
8-Nov-2018Does Delayed Restoration Improve Shear Bond Strength of Different Restorative Protocols to Calcium Silicate-Based Cements?Palma, Paulo J. ; Marques, Joana A. ; Falacho, Rui I. ; Vinagre, Alexandra ; Santos, João Miguel ; Ramos, João C. articleopenAccess
2018Genomic and epigenetic signatures associated with survival rate in oral squamous cell carcinoma patientsRibeiro, Ilda Patrícia ; Caramelo, Francisco ; Esteves, Luísa ; Oliveira, Camila ; Marques, Francisco ; Barroso, Leonor ; Melo, Joana Barbosa ; Carreira, Isabel Marques articleopenAccess
1-Mar-2022Effectiveness of photodynamic therapy on treatment response and survival of patients with recurrent oral squamous cell carcinoma: a systematic review protocolCardoso, Miguel ; Marto, Carlos Miguel ; Paula, Anabela ; Coelho, Ana Sofia ; Pinho e Melo, Teresa M. V. D. ; Ferreira, Manuel M. ; Botelho, Maria Filomena ; Carrilho, Eunice ; Laranjo, Mafalda articleembargoedAccess
11-May-2019Polymerization Shrinkage Evaluation of Restorative Resin-Based Composites Using Fiber Bragg Grating SensorsLins, Rodrigo; Vinagre, Alexandra ; Alberto, Nélia; Domingues, Maria F.; Messias, Ana ; Martins, Luís R.; Nogueira, Rogério; Ramos, João C. articleopenAccess
29-Jan-2019Pulp Temperature Rise Induced by Light-Emitting Diode Light-Curing Units Using an Ex Vivo ModelVinagre, Alexandra ; Ramos, João C. ; Rebelo, Clara ; Basto, José Francisco ; Messias, Ana ; Alberto, Nélia; Nogueira, RogérioarticleopenAccess
22-Jul-2019A combined epigenome- and transcriptome-wide association study of the oral masticatory mucosa assigns CYP1B1 a central role for epithelial health in smokersRichter, Gesa M.; Kruppa, Jochen; Munz, Matthias; Wiehe, Ricarda; Häsler, Robert; Franke, Andre; Martins, Orlando ; Jockel-Schneider, Yvonne; Bruckmann, Corinna; Dommisch, Henrik; Schaefer, Arne S.articleopenAccess
3-Jul-2020Present Status in Polymeric Mouthguards. A Future Area for Additive Manufacturing?Sousa, Ana M. ; Pinho, Ana C. ; Messias, Ana ; Piedade, A. P. articleopenAccess
19-Dec-2020Evaluation of Saliva Stability for NMR Metabolomics: Collection and Handling ProtocolsDuarte, Daniela Alexandra Oliveira ; Castro, Beatriz; Pereira, Joana Leonor ; Marques, Joana Faria; Costa, Ana Luísa ; Gil, Ana M.articleopenAccess
3-Sep-2020Long-Term Prognosis of Endodontic Microsurgery-A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisPinto, Diogo ; Marques, Andréa; Pereira, Joana F. ; Palma, Paulo J. ; Santos, João Miguel articleopenAccess
23-Oct-2020Efficacy and Patient's Acceptance of Alternative Methods for Caries Removal-a Systematic ReviewCardoso, Miguel ; Coelho, Ana ; Lima, Rui ; Amaro, Inês ; Paula, Anabela ; Marto, Carlos Miguel ; Sousa, José; Spagnuolo, Gianrico; Ferreira, Manuel Marques ; Carrilho, Eunice articleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 46