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Santos, Torcato
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
19-Mar-2020Characterization of Disease Progression in the Initial Stages of Retinopathy in Type 2 Diabetes: A 2-Year Longitudinal StudyMarques, Inês P. ; Alves, Dalila ; Santos, Torcato ; Mendes, Luís ; Lobo, Conceição ; Santos, Ana Rita ; Durbin, Mary; Cunha-Vaz, José articleopenAccess
2Feb-2022Characterization of One-Year Progression of Risk Phenotypes of Diabetic RetinopathyRibeiro, Luísa ; Marques, Inês P. ; Coimbra, Rita ; Santos, Torcato ; Madeira, Maria H. ; Santos, Ana Rita ; Barreto, Patrícia Susana Correia Lopes ; Lobo, Conceição ; Vaz, José Guilherme Fernandes da Cunha articleopenAccess
32008Increased-Resolution OCT Thickness Mapping of the Human Macula: A Statistically Based RegistrationBernardes, Rui ; Santos, Torcato ; Cunha-Vaz, José articleopenAccess
425-May-2021Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Metrics Monitor Severity Progression of Diabetic Retinopathy-3-Year Longitudinal StudyMarques, Inês P. ; Kubach, Sophie; Santos, Torcato ; Mendes, Luís ; Madeira, Maria H. ; de Sisternes, Luis; Tavares, Diana ; Santos, Ana Rita ; Lewis, Warren; Lobo, Conceição ; Durbin, Mary K.; Cunha-Vaz, José articleopenAccess
52021Retinal Neurodegeneration in Different Risk Phenotypes of Diabetic Retinal DiseaseMadeira, Maria H. ; Marques, Inês P. ; Ferreira, Sónia ; Tavares, Diana ; Santos, Torcato ; Santos, Ana Rita ; Figueira, João ; Lobo, Conceição ; Cunha-Vaz, José articleopenAccess
612-May-2020Retinopathy Phenotypes in Type 2 Diabetes with Different Risks for Macular Edema and Proliferative RetinopathyMarques, Inês P. ; Madeira, Maria H. ; Messias, Ana L. ; Santos, Torcato ; Martinho, António C-V ; Figueira, João ; Cunha-Vaz, José articleopenAccess