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2021Influence of Local Properties on Fatigue Crack Growth of Laser Butt Welds in Thin Plates of High-Strength Low-Alloy SteelRiofrío, Patricio G.; Jesus, Joel de ; Ferreira, J. A. M. ; Capela, Carlos articleopenAccess
2021Special Issue on Recent Trends in Advanced High-Strength SteelsBranco, Ricardo ; Berto, Filippo; Kotousov, AndreiarticleopenAccess
2021Advanced Tribological Characterization of DLC Coatings Produced by Ne-HiPIMS for the Application on the Piston Rings of Internal Combustion EnginesVahidi, Alireza ; Fonseca, Diogo ; Oliveira, João ; Cavaleiro, Albano ; Ramalho, Amilcar ; Ferreira, Fábio articleopenAccess
2021Seawater Effect on Fatigue Behaviour of Notched Carbon/Epoxy LaminatesBranco, Ricardo ; Reis, Paulo N. B. ; Neto, Maria A. ; Costa, José D. ; Amaro, Ana M. articleopenAccess
2021Impact Response of Composite Sandwich Cylindrical ShellsReis, Paulo N. B. ; Coelho, Carlos A. C. P.; Navalho, Fábio V. P.articleopenAccess
2020A Review on the Importance of Microbial Biopolymers Such as Xanthan Gum to Improve Soil PropertiesMendonça, Amanda ; Morais, Paula V. ; Pires, Ana Cecília ; Chung, Ana Paula ; Oliveira, Paulo Venda articleopenAccess
2021Lot-Sizing and Scheduling for the Plastic Injection Molding Industry—A Hybrid Optimization ApproachKlement, Nathalie; Abdeljaouad, Mohamed Amine; Porto, Leonardo Rocha ; Silva, Cristovão articleopenAccess
24-Jan-2022Triboelectrochemical friction control of W- and Ag-doped DLC coatings in water-glycol with ionic liquids as lubricant additivesKhanmohammadi, Hamid; Wijanarko, Wahyu; Cruz, Sandra ; Evaristo, Manuel ; Espallargas, NuriaarticleopenAccess
9-Mar-20223D Printing of Polymeric Bioresorbable Stents: A Strategy to Improve Both Cellular Compatibility and Mechanical PropertiesSousa, Ana M. ; Amaro, Ana M. ; Piedade, Ana P. articleopenAccess
5-Mar-20223D Printing for Cartilage Replacement: A Preliminary Study to Explore New PolymersDelgado, Gonçalo F. ; Pinho, Ana C. ; Piedade, Ana P. articleopenAccess
1-Feb-2022The Role of Serratomolide-like Amino Lipids Produced by Bacteria of Genus Serratia in Nematicidal ActivityMarques-Pereira, Catarina ; Proença, Diogo Neves ; Morais, Paula V. articleopenAccess
1-May-2022Immobilization of Streptavidin on a Plasmonic Au-TiO2 Thin Film towards an LSPR Biosensing PlatformPereira-Silva, Patrícia; Meira, Diana I.; Costa-Barbosa, Augusto; Costa, Diogo; Rodrigues, Marco S. ; Borges, Joel ; Machado, Ana V.; Cavaleiro, Albano ; Sampaio, Paula; Vaz, Filipe articleopenAccess
1-Mar-20228-oxoguanine and 8-oxodeoxyguanosine Biomarkers of Oxidative DNA Damage: A Review on HPLC-ECD DeterminationChiorcea-Paquim, Ana Maria articleopenAccess
21-Apr-2022Influence of Homogenizing Methodology on Mechanical and Tribological Performance of Powder Metallurgy Processed Titanium Composites Reinforced by Graphene NanoplateletsMahmood, Sultan; Iqbal, Amjad ; Rafi-Ud-Din, null; Wadood, Abdul; Mateen, Abdul; Amin, Muhammad; Yahia, Ibrahim S.; Zahran, Heba Y.articleopenAccess
24-Jan-2022Development of Actuators for Repairing Cracks by Coating W Wires with Reactive MultilayersSilva, Gabriel Santos ; Maj, Lukasz; Morgiel, Jerzy; Vieira, Maria Teresa ; Ramos, Ana Sofia articleopenAccess
12-Feb-2022Quantification of Residual Stress Relief by Heat Treatments in Austenitic Cladded LayersRebelo Kornmeier, Joana; Marques, Maria José ; Gan, Weimin; Batista, António Castanhola ; Paddea, Sanjooram; Loureiro, Altino articleopenAccess
8-Mar-2022Antimicrobial TiN-Ag Coatings in Leather Insole for Diabetic FootMarques, Sandra M; Carvalho, Isabel ; Leite, Teófilo R; Henriques, Mariana; Carvalho, SandraarticleopenAccess
15-Mar-2022Effect of Residual Stresses on Fatigue Crack Growth: A Numerical Study Based on Cumulative Plastic Strain at the Crack TipNeto, Diogo M. ; Borges, Micael F. ; Sérgio, Edmundo R. ; Antunes, Fernando V. articleopenAccess
4-Feb-2022Mechanical and Tribological Characterization of WC-Co and WC-AISI 304 Composites by a Newly Developed EquipmentVilhena, Luis ; Domingues, Bruno ; Fernandes, Cristina ; Senos, Ana ; Ramalho, Amilcar articleopenAccess
5-Feb-2022Design of Fly Ash-Based Alkali-Activated Mortars, Containing Waste Glass and Recycled CDW Aggregates, for Compressive Strength OptimizationMiraldo, Sérgio ; Lopes, Sérgio ; Lopes, Adelino V. ; Pacheco-Torgal, FernandoarticleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 191