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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2020Multi-Material Implants for Temporomandibular Joint Disc Repair: Tailored Additive Manufacturing ProductionMoura, Carla ; Trindade, Daniela; Vieira, Milena ; Francisco, Luís; Ângelo, David Faustino; Alves, NunoarticleopenAccess
2020Wind Farm and Resource Datasets: A Comprehensive Survey and OverviewMenezes, Diogo; Mendes, Mateus ; Almeida, Jorge Alexandre ; Farinha, Torres articleopenAccess
2020Aging Effect on Functionalized Silver-Based Nanocoating Braided Coronary StentsRebelo, Rita; Padrão, Jorge; Fernandes, Margarida M.; Carvalho, Sandra ; Henriques, Mariana; Zille, Andrea; Fangueiro, RaularticleopenAccess
2020Effect of Deposition Parameters on the Reactivity of Al/Ni Multilayer Thin FilmsRamos, Ana Sofia ; Simões, Sónia; Maj, Lukasz; Morgiel, Jerzy; Vieira, Maria Teresa articleopenAccess
2020Electroless Deposition of Ni-P Coatings on HNBR for Low Friction Rubber SealsVasconcelos, Beatriz ; Serra, Ricardo ; Oliveira, João ; Fonseca, CarlosarticleopenAccess
2020Correlation between Substrate Ion Fluxes and the Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Films Deposited by Deep Oscillation Magnetron Sputtering in Ar and Ar + Ne PlasmasOliveira, João ; Ferreira, Fábio ; Serra, Ricardo ; Kubart, Tomas ; Vitelaru, Catalin; Cavaleiro, Albano articleopenAccess
2020Room and High Temperature Tribological Performance of Multilayered TiSiN/TiN and TiSiN/TiN(Ag) Coatings Deposited by SputteringFernandes, Filipe ; Al-Rjoub, Abbas M.K. ; Cavaleiro, Diogo ; Polcar, Tomas; Cavaleiro, Albano articleopenAccess
2020Comparative Study of DC and RF Sputtered MoSe2 Coatings Containing Carbon—An Approach to Optimize Stoichiometry, Microstructure, Crystallinity and HardnessYaqub, Talha Bin ; Vuchkov, Todor ; Sanguino, Pedro ; Polcar, Tomas; Cavaleiro, Albano articleopenAccess
2020Room and High Temperature Tribological Behaviour of W-DLC Coatings Produced by DCMS and Hybrid DCMS-HiPIMS ConfigurationEvaristo, Manuel ; Fernandes, Filipe ; Cavaleiro, Albano articleopenAccess
20-Dec-2020Genome Sequences of Serratia Strains Revealed Common Genes in Both Serratomolides Gene ClustersMarques-Pereira, Catarina ; Proença, Diogo Neves ; Morais, Paula V. articleopenAccess
2020Experimental Study on the Torsional Behaviour of Prestressed HSC Hollow BeamsBernardo, Luís; Lopes, Sérgio ; Teixeira, Mafalda Daniela Leite articleopenAccess
2020Influence of the Composition of the Activator on Mechanical Characteristics of a GeopolymerLopes, Adelino V. ; Lopes, Sérgio ; Pinto, Isabel articleopenAccess
2020The High-Velocity Impact Behaviour of Kevlar Composite Laminates Filled with Cork PowderAmaro, Ana Martins ; Reis, Paulo Nobre Balbis; Ivañez, Ines; Sánchez-Saez, Sonia; Garcia-Castillo, Shirley Kalamis; Barbero, EnriquearticleopenAccess
2020Fatigue Life Assessment in Bainitic Steels Based on The Cumulative Strain Energy DensityMartins, Rui F.; Branco, Ricardo ; Long, XiaoyanarticleopenAccess
2019The Effect of External Fixator Configurations on the Dynamic Compression Load: An Experimental and Numerical StudyAmaro, Ana Martins ; Paulino, Maria Fátima ; Roseiro, Luís Manuel ; Neto, Maria Augusta articleopenAccess
2020Electrical Tomography: A Review of Configurations, and Application to Fibre Flow Suspensions CharacterisationFaia, Pedro ; Silva, Rui ; Rasteiro, Maria G. ; Garcia, Fernando articleopenAccess
1-Apr-2021Interferon-Based Biopharmaceuticals: Overview on the Production, Purification, and FormulationCastro, Leonor S.; Lobo, Guilherme S.; Pereira, Patrícia ; Freire, Mara G. ; Neves, Márcia C.; Pedro, Augusto Q.articleopenAccess
2021Role of the Project Management Office in University Research CentresFernandes, Gabriela ; Sousa, Hugo; Tereso, Anabela; O’Sullivan, DavidarticleopenAccess
2021Ultrasonic Scattering Attenuation in Nodular Cast Iron: Experimental and Simulation StudiesSantos, Mário ; Santos, Jaime articleopenAccess
5-Feb-2021DNA Electrochemical Biosensors for In Situ Probing of Pharmaceutical Drug Oxidative DNA DamageChiorcea-Paquim, Ana Maria ; Oliveira-Brett, Ana Maria articleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 242