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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2017Burned bones tell their own stories: A review of methodological approaches to assess heat-induced diagenesisMamede, Adriana P ; Gonçalves, David ; Marques, Maria Paula Matos ; Batista de Carvalho, Luís A. E. articleopenAccess
2018Heat-induced Bone Diagenesis Probed by Vibrational SpectroscopyMarques, M. P. M. ; Mamede, A. P. ; Vassalo, A. R. ; Makhoul, C. ; Cunha, E. ; Gonçalves, D. ; Parker, S. F. ; Batista de Carvalho, L. A. E. articleopenAccess
2-Oct-2018Potential of Bioapatite Hydroxyls for Research on Archeological Burned BoneMamede, Adriana P ; Vassalo, Ana R ; Piga, Giampaolo ; Cunha, Eugénia ; Parker, Stewart F ; Marques, M Paula M ; Batista de Carvalho, Luís A E ; Gonçalves, David articlerestrictedAccess
2018Biomaterials from human bone – probing organic fraction removal by chemical and enzymatic methodsMamede, A. P. ; Vassalo, A. R. ; Cunha, E. ; Gonçalves, D. ; Parker, S. F. ; Batista de Carvalho, L. A. E. ; Marques, M. P. M. articleopenAccess
Jun-2018Crystal clear: Vibrational spectroscopy reveals intrabone, intraskeleton, and interskeleton variation in human bonesGonçalves, D. ; Vassalo, A. R. ; Mamede, A. ; Makhoul, C. ; Piga, G. ; Cunha, E. ; Marques, M. P. M. ; Batista de Carvalho, L. A. E. articlerestrictedAccess
2018Preliminary results of an investigation on postmortem variations in human skeletal mass of buried bonesAmarante, Ana ; Ferreira, Maria Teresa ; Makhoul, Calil ; Vassalo, Ana Rita ; Cunha, Eugénia ; Gonçalves, David articleembargoedAccess
Jan-2019Exostosis auditiva externa en individuos adultos del Holoceno Tardío (1500 AP - siglo xix) en Patagonia. AustralPandiani, Cynthia D. ; Suby, Jorge A. ; Santos, Ana Luisa articleopenAccess
2016Short report: Evidence of non-masticatory dental use in Bronze Age individuals exhumed from the Necropolis of Casas Velhas (Portugal)Silva, Ana Maria ; Gil, Pedro ; Soares, Joaquina ; Silva, Carlos Tavares da articleopenAccess
2016Overweight and obesity and the health of populations of PALOPRosado-Marques, Vitor articleopenAccess
2016Femoral bowing deformity: possible aetiologies in a 14th-19th century skeleton from Constância (Portugal)Assis, Sandra ; Garcia, Joana articleembargoedAccess
Jun-2015Intragenic haplotype analysis of common HFE mutations in the Portuguese populationToste, Sandra ; Relvas, Luís ; Pinto, Catarina ; Bento, Celeste ; Abade, Augusto ; Ribeiro, M Letícia ; Manco, Licínio articleembargoedAccess
2015Nutritional Requirements for Maternal and Newborn HealthSilva, Maria Raquel ; Bellotto, Maria Luisa articleembargoedAccess
2014Osteoporosis and paleopathology: a reviewCurate, Francisco articleopenAccess
2016Genomic insights into the peopling of the Southwest PacificSkoglund, Pontus ; Posth, Cosimo ; Sirak, Kendra ; Spriggs, Matthew ; Valentin, Frederique ; Bedford, Stuart ; Clark, Geoffrey R. ; Reepmeyer, Christian ; Petchey, Fiona ; Fernandes, Daniel ; Fu, Qiaomei ; Harney, Eadaoin ; Lipson, Mark ; Mallick, Swapan ; Novak, Mario ; Rohland, Nadin ; Stewardson, Kristin ; Abdullah, Syafiq ; Cox, Murray P. ; Friedlaender, Françoise R. ; Friedlaender, Jonathan S. ; Kivisild, Toomas ; Koki, George ; Kusuma, Pradiptajati ; Merriwether, D. Andrew ; Ricaut, Francois-X. ; Wee, Joseph T. S. ; Patterson, Nick ; Krause, Johannes ; Pinhasi, Ron ; Reich, David articleopenAccess
Nov-2013Giardia Duodenalis e Desnutrição Crónica em Crianças Menores de Cinco Anos de uma Região Rural da Guiné-BissauCenteno-Lima, Sónia ; Rosado-Marques, Vítor ; Ferreira, Filipa ; Rodrigues, Ruben ; Indeque, Benjamim ; Camará, Idrissa ; Sousa, Bruno de ; Aguiar, Pedro ; Nunes, Baltazar ; Ferrinho, Paulo articleopenAccess
2016Quantitative determinations and imaging in different structures of buried human bones from the XVIII-XIXth centuries by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence – Postmortem evaluationGuimarães, D. ; Dias, A.A. ; Carvalho, M. ; Carvalho, M.L. ; Santos, J.P. ; Henriques, F.R. ; Curate, F. ; Pessanha, S. articleembargoedAccess
2016The transition to agriculture in south-western Europe: new isotopic insights from Portugal's Atlantic coastGuiry, Eric J. ; Hillier, Maria ; Boaventura, Rui ; Silva, Ana Maria ; Oosterbeek, Luiz ; Tomé, Tiago ; Valera, António ; Cardoso, João Luís ; Hepburn, Joseph C. ; Richards, Michael P. articleopenAccess
2016Genomic insights into the origin of farming in the ancient Near EastLazaridis, Iosif ; Nadel, Dani ; Rollefson, Gary ; Merrett, Deborah C. ; Rohland, Nadin ; Mallick, Swapan ; Fernandes, Daniel ; Novak, Mario ; Gamarra, Beatriz ; Sirak, Kendra ; Connell, Sarah ; Stewardson, Kristin ; Harney, Eadaoin ; Fu, Qiaomei ; Gonzalez-Fortes, Gloria ; Jones, Eppie R. ; Roodenberg, Songül Alpaslan ; Lengyel, György ; Bocquentin, Fanny ; Gasparian, Boris ; Monge, Janet M. ; Gregg, Michael ; Eshed, Vered ; Mizrahi, Ahuva-Sivan ; Meiklejohn, Christopher ; Gerritsen, Fokke ; Bejenaru, Luminita ; Blüher, Matthias ; Campbell, Archie ; Cavalleri, Gianpiero ; Comas, David ; Froguel, Philippe ; Gilbert, Edmund ; Kerr, Shona M. ; Kovacs, Peter ; Krause, Johannes ; McGettigan, Darren ; Merrigan, Michael ; Merriwether, D. Andrew ; O'Reilly, Seamus ; Richards, Martin B. ; Semino, Ornella ; Shamoon-Pour, Michel ; Stefanescu, Gheorghe ; Stumvoll, Michael ; Tönjes, Anke ; Torroni, Antonio ; Wilson, James F. ; Yengo, Loic ; Hovhannisyan, Nelli A. ; Patterson, Nick ; Pinhasi, Ron ; Reich, David articleopenAccess
2016Independent and Combined Effects of Sex and Biological Maturation on Motor Coordination and Performance in Prepubertal ChildrenLuz, Leonardo G. O. ; Cumming, Sean P. ; Duarte, João P. ; Valente-dos-Santos, João ; Almeida, Maria J. ; Machado-Rodrigues, Aristides ; Padez, Cristina ; Carmo, Bruno Cleiton M. ; Santos, Rute ; Seabra, André ; Coelho-E-Silva, Manuel J. articleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 257