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Arez, Ana Paula
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12009Analysis of TPI gene promoter variation in three sub-Saharan Africa population samplesManco, Licínio ; Machado, Patrícia ; Lopes, Dinora ; Nogueira, Fátima ; Rosário, Virgílio E. do ; Alonso, Pedro L. ; Varandas, Luís ; Trovoada, Maria de Jesus ; Amorim, António ; Arez, Ana Paula articleopenAccess
22013Genetic diversity and signatures of selection of drug resistance in Plasmodium populations from both human and mosquito hosts in continental Equatorial GuineaMendes, Cristina ; Salgueiro, Patrícia ; Gonzalez, Vicenta ; Berzosa, Pedro ; Benito, Agustin ; Rosário, Virgílio E. do ; Sousa, Bruno de ; Cano, Jorge ; Arez, Ana Paula articleopenAccess
32017Plasmodium falciparum Genetic Diversity in Continental Equatorial Guinea before and after Introduction of Artemisinin-Based Combination TherapyGuerra, Mónica ; Neres, Rita ; Salgueiro, Patrícia ; Mendes, Cristina ; Ndong-Mabale, Nicolas ; Berzosa, Pedro ; Sousa, Bruno de ; Arez, Ana Paula articleopenAccess
42015Triosephosphate isomerase gene promoter variation: -5G/A and -8G/A polymorphisms in clinical malaria groups in two African populationsGuerra, Mónica ; Machado, Patrícia ; Manco, Licínio ; Fernandes, Natércia ; Miranda, Juliana ; Arez, Ana Paula articleopenAccess