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Miranda, Juliana
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12012Pyruvate kinase deficiency in sub-Saharan Africa: identification of a highly frequent missense mutation (G829A;Glu277Lys) and association with malariaMachado, Patrícia ; Manco, Licínio ; Gomes, Cláudia; Mendes, Cristina ; Fernandes, Natércia; Salomé, Graça; Sitoe, Luis; Chibute, Sérgio; Langa, José; Ribeiro, Letícia ; Miranda, Juliana ; Cano, Jorge ; Pinto, João; Amorim, António ; do Rosário, Virgílio E; Arez, Ana Paula articleopenAccess
22015Triosephosphate isomerase gene promoter variation: -5G/A and -8G/A polymorphisms in clinical malaria groups in two African populationsGuerra, Mónica ; Machado, Patrícia ; Manco, Licínio ; Fernandes, Natércia ; Miranda, Juliana ; Arez, Ana Paula articleopenAccess