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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2002Superconvergence of the gradient in a fully discrete FEM scheme: one-dimensional caseFerreira, J. A. ; Grigorieff, R. D. preprintopenAccess
2002A line thicker than the Michael LineCarvalho, F. J. Craveiro de ; Wegner, Bernd preprintopenAccess
2002Master integrals, superintegrability and quadratic algebrasCaseiro, R. preprintopenAccess
2002Inverse eigenvalue problems and lists of multiplicities of eigenvalues for matrices whose graph is a tree: the case of generalized stars and double generalized starsJohnson, Charles R. ; Duarte, António Leal ; Saiago, Carlos M. preprintopenAccess
2002The roots of the third Jackson q-Bessel functionAbreu, L. D. ; Bustoz, J. ; Cardoso, J. L. preprintopenAccess
2002A multi-input/multi-output system representation of generalized splines in R^nRodrigues, Rui C. F. Silva ; Leite, F. Silva preprintopenAccess
2002Discrimination methodology between error processes and bilinear processesGonçalves, E. ; Jacob, P. ; Mendes-Lopes, N. preprintopenAccess
2002The controversial stability analysisSousa, Ercília preprintopenAccess
2002Optimization on quadratic matrix Lie groupsMachado, Luís Miguel ; Leite, F. Silva preprintopenAccess
2002Exponential rates for kernal density estimation under associationHenriques, Carla ; Oliveira, Paulo EduardopreprintopenAccess
2002Actions of the symmetric group on sets generated by Yamanouchi wordsAzenhas, Olga ; Mamede, Ricardo preprintopenAccess
2003A theorem of Fr. Fabricius-Bjerre on helicesCarvalho, F. J. Craveiro de preprintopenAccess
2003The negative relativistic Toda hierarchy and rational Poisson bracketsCosta, J. M. Nunes da ; Damianou, P. A. preprintopenAccess
2003Locally Sierpinski quotientsCarter, Sheila ; Carvalho, F. J. Craveiro de preprintopenAccess
2003Descent for discrete (co)fibrationsSobral, Manuela preprintopenAccess
2003On generalized numerical ranges of operators on an indefinite inner product spaceBebiano, N. ; Lemos, R. ; Providência, J. da ; Soares, G. preprintopenAccess
2003Error estimates and poisedness in multivariate polynomial interpolationConn, Andrew R. ; Scheinberg, Katya ; Vicente, Luís Nunes preprintopenAccess
2003Electoral cells of largest remainders methodGouveia, João ; Sá, E. Marques de preprintopenAccess
2003Local homeomorphisms via ultrafilter convergenceClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk ; Janelidze, George preprintopenAccess
2003Dirac structures for generalized Lie bialgebroidsCosta, M. Nunes da ; Clemente-Gallardo, J. preprintopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 121