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Ferreira, J. A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12005AC impedance spectroscopy: a new equivalent circuit for titania thick film humidity sensorsFaia, P. M. ; Furtado, C. S. ; Ferreira, A. J. articleopenAccess
230-Apr-2009Coupled vehicle-skin models for drug releaseBarbeiro, S. ; Ferreira, J. A. articleopenAccess
32010Drug delivery: from a contact lens to the anterior chamberFerreira, J. A. ; Oliveira, P. de ; Silva, P. M. da ; Murta, J. N. preprintopenAccess
42006Energy estimates for delay diffusion-reaction equationsFerreira, J. A. ; Silva, P. M. da preprintopenAccess
52010Flux Tracking in delivery polymeric systemsFerreira, J. A. ; Oliveira, P. de ; Silva, P. M. da ; Simon, L. preprintopenAccess
62009H1-second order convergent estimates for non Fickian modelsBarbeiro, S. ; Ferreira, J. A. ; Pinto, L. preprintopenAccess
72004Humidity sensing properties of a thick-film titania prepared by a slow spinning processFaia, P. M. ; Furtado, C. S. ; Ferreira, A. J. articleopenAccess
82009Integro-differential IBVP versus differential IBVP: stability analysisBranco, J. R. ; Ferreira, J. A. preprintopenAccess
92007Integro-differential models for percutaneous drug absorptionBarbeiro, S. ; Ferreira, J. A. articleopenAccess
1030-Apr-2009Lifting solutions of quasilinear convection-dominated problemsFerreira, J. A. ; Mouro, A. P. ; Oliveira, P. articleopenAccess
112007Memory effects and random walks in reaction-transport systemsFerreira, J. A. ; Oliveira, P. de articleopenAccess
122008Memory in the Black-Scholes modelFerreira, J. A. ; Oliveira, P. de preprintopenAccess
132007Non-Fickian delay reaction-diffusion equations: theoretical and numerical studyFerreira, J. A. ; Branco, J. R. ; Silva, P. da preprintopenAccess
142001A nonstandard linear finite element method for a planar elasticity problemBarbeiro, S. ; Ferreira, J. A. articleopenAccess
152008O psicoterapeuta em acção : a problematização construtivista da psicoterapiaCortez, H. ; Santos, E. ; Ferreira, J. A. articleopenAccess
162005On the computation of solutions of systems of interval polynomial equationsFerreira, J. A. ; Patrício, F. ; Oliveira, F. articleopenAccess
171-Sep-2008On the stability of a class of splitting methods for integro-differential equationsAraújo, A. ; Branco, J. R. ; Ferreira, J. A. articleopenAccess
181998On the supraconvergence of elliptic finite difference schemesFerreira, J. A. ; Grigorieff, R. D. articleopenAccess
192006A phenomenological model for desorption in polymersComissiong, D. M. G. ; Ferreira, J. A. ; Oliveira, P. de preprintopenAccess
201999A pulsed method for measuring the conductivity on solid ionic conductorsCerto, J. ; Perdigão, J. M. ; Furtado, C. S. ; Ferreira, A. J. articleopenAccess