Rodrigues, Patrícia Freitas

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Rodrigues, Patrícia Freitas
Rodrigues, Patrícia Freitas
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12021Controlling the phase transformation window during stages of hot/cold forging of Ni-rich Ni–Ti alloyRodrigues, Patrícia Freitas ; Reshie, Hatim; Sousa, Talita Gama de; Paula, Andersan dos Santos; Braz Fernandes, Francisco Manuel; Basu, RitwikarticleopenAccess
29-Aug-2021Experimental Analysis of NiTi Alloy during Strain-Controlled Low-Cycle FatigueLima, Pedro Cunha ; Rodrigues, Patrícia Freitas ; Ramos, Ana Sofia ; Costa, José D. M. da ; Braz Fernandes, Francisco Manuel ; Vieira, Maria Teresa articleopenAccess
327-Sep-2023Production and characterization of shape memory films for microeletromechanical systemsFontes, André Valentim CostamasterThesisopenAccess
42021The Influence of the Soaking Temperature Rotary Forging and Solution Heat Treatment on the Structural and Mechanical Behavior in Ni-Rich NiTi AlloyRodrigues, Patrícia Freitas ; Teixeira, Rodolfo S.; Sénéchal, Naiara V. Le; Fernandes, Francisco Manuel Braz ; Paula, Andersan S.articleopenAccess
529-Oct-2021Utilização de multicamadas reativas no desenvolvimento de atuadores para reparação de fissurasMarques, Jéssica BatistamasterThesisopenAccess