Rodrigues, Patrícia Freitas

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Rodrigues, Patrícia Freitas
Rodrigues, Patrícia Freitas
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12021Controlling the phase transformation window during stages of hot/cold forging of Ni-rich Ni–Ti alloyRodrigues, Patrícia Freitas ; Reshie, Hatim; Sousa, Talita Gama de; Paula, Andersan dos Santos; Braz Fernandes, Francisco Manuel; Basu, RitwikarticleopenAccess
29-Aug-2021Experimental Analysis of NiTi Alloy during Strain-Controlled Low-Cycle FatigueLima, Pedro Cunha ; Rodrigues, Patrícia Freitas ; Ramos, Ana Sofia ; Costa, José D. M. da ; Braz Fernandes, Francisco Manuel ; Vieira, Maria Teresa articleopenAccess
32021The Influence of the Soaking Temperature Rotary Forging and Solution Heat Treatment on the Structural and Mechanical Behavior in Ni-Rich NiTi AlloyRodrigues, Patrícia Freitas ; Teixeira, Rodolfo S.; Sénéchal, Naiara V. Le; Fernandes, Francisco Manuel Braz ; Paula, Andersan S.articleopenAccess