Braz Fernandes, Francisco Manuel

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Braz Fernandes, Francisco Manuel
F. M. Braz Fernandes
F. M. B. Fernandes
NAME: Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes
PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH:Beira (Moçambique), 14/12/1951.
NATIONALITY: Portuguese.
ID Card (Cartão de Cidadão): 07162753 7ZZ9. Passport Nr: H389218
- Ordem dos Engenheiros (College of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering) nº 10595. Cedule nº 14473.
Member of the Portuguese Materials Society.

- July 1976 – Mechanical Engineering, 14 val. - I.S.T. / UTL, Lisbon.
- July 1982 - Diplôme d'Études Aproffondies (D.E.A.) de Métallurgie Spéciale, classif. "Assez Bien" - I.N.S.T.N. (Saclay), University of Paris XI (Orsay).
- April 1985 - Thèse Doctorat I.N.P.L., (Nancy) (Spécialité Sciences et Génie des Matériaux), classif. "Très Honorable".
- October 1985 - Equivalence PhD degree in Materials Engineering, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
- May 2008 – “Agregação” in Physical Metallurgy, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Associate Professor of Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

- Lecturing at graduation level:
Physical Chemistry,
Introduction to Materials Science,
Materials Testing and Analysis,
Thermal and Mechanical Treatments,
Metallurgical Technology.
- Post-graduation lecturing:
Heat Treatment of metal alloys,
X-Ray Diffraction,
Electron Microscopy,
Computational Simulation of Materials Processing.
- Supervision of MSc thesis: MSc QUALIMAT and Materials Engineering.
- Supervision of PhD thesis: Catalysis, Physical Metallurgy, Metallurgical Technology, Dentistery (Endodontics)
- Supervision of Post-Docs:
Composite materials,
Thin films,
Shape memory alloys.
- Phase transformations interactions (thermal / mechanical).
- In situ structural characterization by X-Ray Diffraction.
- Processing of metal alloys (ferrous alloys; shape memory alloys).
- Computational Simulation of Materials Processing.
- Microfabrication and nanostructuring (by severe plastic deformation).
POST-GRADUATION SUPERVISION (thesis defended during last 10 years):
16 MSc finished + 2 currently running
9 PhD finished + 1 currently running
6 Post-Docs
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32021The Influence of the Soaking Temperature Rotary Forging and Solution Heat Treatment on the Structural and Mechanical Behavior in Ni-Rich NiTi AlloyRodrigues, Patrícia Freitas ; Teixeira, Rodolfo S.; Sénéchal, Naiara V. Le; Fernandes, Francisco Manuel Braz ; Paula, Andersan S.articleopenAccess