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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
16-Jan-2023Antioxidants in Sunscreens: Which and What For?Jesus, Ana; Mota, Sandra ; Torres, Ana; Cruz, Maria T. ; Sousa, Emília; Almeida, Isabel F.; Cidade, Honorina articleopenAccess
22-Apr-2023A Hydrophilic Sulfated Resveratrol Derivative for Topical Application: Sensitization and Anti-Allergic PotentialJesus, Ana; Sebastião, Ana I. ; Brites, Gonçalo ; Correia-da-Silva, Marta; Cidade, Honorina ; Cruz, Maria T. ; Sousa, Emília; Almeida, Isabel F.articleopenAccess
3Sep-2016Synthesis of bioactive chalcones aond their heterocyclic derivatives as potential antitumor agentsPinto, Patrícia Alexandra SoaresmasterThesisembargoedAccess
422-Feb-2022UV Filters: Challenges and ProspectsJesus, Ana; Sousa, Emília; Cruz, Maria T. ; Cidade, Honorina ; Lobo, José M. Sousa; Almeida, Isabel F.articleopenAccess