Santos, Ana Cordeiro

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Santos, Ana Cordeiro
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12017A arquitetura da escolha: uma análise de economia políticaSantos, Ana Cordeiro articleopenAccess
22009Behavioral experiments: how and what can we learn about human behaviorSantos, Ana C. articleopenAccess
32014Comentário “Ciência: a excelência do empreendedorismo?”Santos, Ana Cordeiro otheropenAccess
4Nov-2016Cross-national comparative analysis of household well-beingSantos, Ana C. ; Teles, Nuno ; Matias, Raquel ; Brown, Andrew ; Spencer, David workingPaperopenAccess
5Nov-2016Cultivating the self-reliant and responsible individual: the material culture of financial literacySantos, Ana C. articleembargoedAccess
62011Debra Satz, Why Some Things Should Not Be for Sale? The Moral Limits of MarketsSantos, Ana Cordeiro reviewopenAccess
7Nov-2016Definancialising well-being: the case of housingSantos, Ana C. ; Robertson, Mary workingPaperopenAccess
82013A economia política do consumo e do crédito às famílias: Um contributo interdisciplinarSantos, Ana Cordeiro ; Costa, Vânia ; Teles, Nuno articleopenAccess
92009Economics as social engineering? Questioning the performativity thesisSantos, Ana C. ; Rodrigues, João articleopenAccess
10Jan-2016FESSUD Finance and Well-being Survey: ReportSantos, Ana C. ; Lopes, Cláudia ; Costa, Vânia workingPaperopenAccess
11Nov-2016Finance and economic and social reproduction: prospects for financialised futures in PortugalRodrigues, João ; Santos, Ana C. ; Teles, Nuno workingPaperopenAccess
12Jan-2015Finance and Housing Provision in PortugalSantos, Ana C. ; Serra, Nuno ; Teles, Nuno workingPaperopenAccess
132018A financeirização das famílias e a desigualdade socio-económica e territorial em PortugalRibeiro, Raquel ; Santos, Ana C. articleopenAccess
142018Financeirização e Segurança SocialRodrigues, João ; Santos, Ana Cordeiro ; Teles, Nuno bookPartopenAccess
15Nov-2013Financial Literacy, Financialisation and Neo-liberalismSantos, Ana C. workingPaperopenAccess
162017Financialisation and work in the EU: Inequality, debt and labour market segmentationSantos, Ana C. ; Lopes, Cláudia A. ; Betzelt, Sigrid articleopenAccess
17Nov-2016Financialisation and work: New transdisciplinary insights from micro-level survey dataBetzelt, Sigrid ; Santos, Ana C. ; Lopes, Cláudia A. workingPaperopenAccess
18Nov-2016Financialisation of Pensions in Europe: Systemic and Variegated Effects in Semi-Peripheral PortugalRodrigues, João ; Santos, Ana C. ; Teles, Nuno workingPaperopenAccess
192018Financialisation of pensions in semi-peripheral PortugalRodrigues, João ; Santos, Ana C. ; Teles, Nuno articleopenAccess
20Nov-2016Financialisation, social provisioning and well-being in five EU countriesSantos, Ana C. workingPaperopenAccess
21Jul-2014Finança e habitação em PortugalSantos, Ana Cordeiro ; Teles, Nuno ; Serra, Nuno workingPaperopenAccess
222010IntroduçãoAraújo, Marta ; Centemeri, Laura ; Matias, Marisa ; Santos, Ana Cordeiro otheropenAccess
232013Neoliberalism in the Laboratory? Experimental Economics on Markets and their LimitsSantos, Ana Cordeiro ; Rodrigues, João articleopenAccess
242010Nicholas Bardsley, Robin Cubitt, Graham Loomes, Peter Moffatt, Chris Starmer, and Robert Sugden's Experimental economics: rethinking the rules. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2009, 384 ppSantos, Ana C. reviewopenAccess
2527-May-2016Nudging or Fudging: The World Development Report 2015Fine, Ben ; Johnston, Deborah ; Santos, Ana C. ; Van Waeyenberge, Elisa articleembargoedAccess
262011Onde para o mercado?Rodrigues, João ; Santos, Ana Cordeiro articleopenAccess
272013Perspetivas interdisciplinares sobre consumo e créditoSantos, Ana Cordeiro ; Frade, Catarina ; Oliveira, Miguel articleopenAccess
282018Portugal: uma semiperiferia reconfiguradaSantos, Ana Cordeiro ; Reis, José articleopenAccess
29Nov-2016Recent Trends in Household Financial BehaviourSantos, Ana C. ; Teles, Nuno workingPaperopenAccess
302013Regular o consumidor? Novas tendências de política no setor fnanceiroSantos, Ana Cordeiro ; Costa, Vânia articleopenAccess
317-Sep-2017Semi-peripheral Financialisation and Social Reproduction: The Case of PortugalSantos, Ana C. ; Rodrigues, João ; Teles, Nuno articleembargoedAccess
328-Apr-2016Semi-peripheral financialisation: the case of PortugalRodrigues, João ; Santos, Ana C. ; Teles, Nuno articleembargoedAccess
332013Temos vivido acima das nossas possibilidades?Santos, Ana Cordeiro bookPartopenAccess
342009The motives for cooperation in work organizationsLopes, Helena ; Santos, Ana C. ; Teles, Nuno articleopenAccess
35Oct-2014The Political Economy of Consumption and Household Debt: An Interdisciplinary ContributionSantos, Ana Cordeiro ; Costa, Vânia ; Teles, Nuno articleopenAccess
36Nov-2016Transdisciplinary research: reflections on the study of finance and well-beingSantos, Ana C. workingPaperopenAccess