Marques, Tiago Pires

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Marques, Tiago Pires
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12018Illness and the Politics of Social Suffering: Towards a Critical Research Agenda in Health and Science StudiesMarques, Tiago Pires articleopenAccess
22013La foi psychiatrique. Catholicisme et médecines de l'âme au Portugal (c. 1925-c. 1967)Marques, Tiago Pires articleopenAccess
32014Michel Foucault, os poderes e o resíduo da históriaMarques, Tiago Pires articleopenAccess
42017The Policy Gap. Global Mental Health in a Semi-Peripheral Country (Portugal, 1998-2016)Marques, Tiago Pires articleopenAccess
52-Apr-2019TradiçãoMarques, Tiago Pires otheropenAccess