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Tiago, Igor
Tiago, Igor
Tiago, Igor
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Jan-2008Bacillus isabeliae sp. nov., a halophilic bacterium isolated from a sea salt evaporation pondAlbuquerque, Luciana ; Tiago, Igor ; Taborda, Marco ; Nobre, M. Fernanda ; Veríssimo, António ; Costa, Milton S. da articleopenAccess
230-Mar-2021Bacterial and Archaeal Structural Diversity in Several Biodeterioration Patterns on the Limestone Walls of the Old Cathedral of CoimbraCoelho, Catarina ; Mesquita, Nuno ; Costa, Inês ; Soares, Fabiana ; Trovão, João ; Freitas, Helena ; Portugal, António ; Tiago, Igor Clemente articleopenAccess
32014Characterization of the venom allergen—like protein (vap-1) and the fatty acid and retinol binding protein (far-1) genes in Meloidogyne hispanicaDuarte, Aida ; Curtis, Rosane ; Maleita, Carla ; Tiago, Igor ; Abrantes, Isabel articleopenAccess
44-Sep-2018Deep Biosphere: Microbial Populations as Source of Biotechnological SolutionsCosta, Inês Oliveira masterThesisembargoedAccess
52019Description of Aeminiaceae fam. nov., Aeminium gen. nov. and Aeminiumludgeri sp. nov. (Capnodiales), isolated from a biodeteriorated art-piece in the Old Cathedral of Coimbra, PortugalTrovão, João ; Tiago, Igor ; Soares, Fabiana ; Paiva, Diana Sofia ; Mesquita, Nuno ; Coelho, Catarina ; Catarino, Lídia G. ; Gil, Francisco ; Portugal, António articleopenAccess
610-Sep-2023Expanding the Microcolonial Black Fungi Aeminiaceae Family: Saxispiralis lemnorum gen. et sp. nov. (Mycosphaerellales), Isolated from Deteriorated Limestone in the Lemos Pantheon, PortugalPaiva, Diana S. ; Trovão, João ; Fernandes, Luís ; Mesquita, Nuno ; Tiago, Igor ; Portugal, António articleopenAccess
721-Apr-2023Exploring Differences in Culturable Fungal Diversity Using Standard Freezing Incubation-A Case Study in the Limestones of Lemos Pantheon (Portugal)Paiva, Diana S. ; Fernandes, Luís ; Pereira, Emilia ; Trovão, João ; Mesquita, Nuno ; Tiago, Igor ; Portugal, António articleopenAccess
826-Nov-2021Footprints of a microbial toxin from the gut microbiome to mesencephalic mitochondriaEsteves, A. Raquel ; Munoz-Pinto, Mário F.; Nunes-Costa, Daniela; Candeias, Emanuel ; Silva, Diana F. ; Magalhães, João D.; Pereira-Santos, A. Raquel ; Ferreira, I. Luisa; Alarico, Susana ; Tiago, Igor ; Empadinhas, Nuno ; Cardoso, Sandra Morais articleopenAccess
920-Jun-2020Genetic Diversity of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae: Seasonal and Spatial Population DynamicsFigueira, Daniela ; Garcia, Eva ; Ares, Aitana ; Tiago, Igor Clemente ; Veríssimo, António ; Costa, Joana articleopenAccess
1025-Jun-2020High-Quality Draft Genome Sequences of Three Cyanobacteria Isolated from the Limestone Walls of the Old Cathedral of Coimbra, PortugalSoares, Fabiana ; Trovão, João ; Coelho, Catarina ; Costa, Inês ; Mesquita, Nuno ; Gil, Francisco ; Catarino, Lídia G. ; Cardoso, Susana M.; Portugal, António ; Tiago, Igor Clemente articleopenAccess
1113-Sep-2017The impact of pathogenic bacteria on plant microbiome – Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae, a case studyPereira, Joana Vanessa Gomes masterThesisembargoedAccess
122004Metabolic and Genetic Diversity of Mesophilic and Thermophilic Bacteria Isolated from Composted Municipal Sludge on Poly-e-caprolactonesTiago, Igor ; Teixeira, Isabel ; Silva, Sílvia ; Chung, Paula ; Veríssimo, António ; Manaia, Célia M. articleopenAccess
132021Potential Use of Carrageenans against the Limestone Proliferation of the Cyanobacterium Parakomarekiella sesnandensisSoares, Fabiana ; Trovão, João ; Gil, Francisco ; Catarino, Lídia G. ; Tiago, Igor Clemente ; Portugal, António ; Cardoso, Susana M.articleopenAccess
142006Propionicicella superfundia gen. nov., sp. nov., a chlorosolvent-tolerant propionate-forming, facultative anaerobic bacterium isolated from contaminated groundwaterBae, Hee-Sung ; Moe, William M. ; Yan, Jun ; Tiago, Igor ; Costa, Milton S. da ; Rainey, Fred A. articleopenAccess
1519-Mar-2019Studies of antimicrobial resistance in rare mycobacteria from a nosocomial environmentPereira, Sónia Gonçalves ; Alarico, Susana ; Tiago, Igor ; Reis, Diogo ; Nunes-Costa, Daniela ; Cardoso, Olga ; Maranha, Ana ; Empadinhas, Nuno articleopenAccess
162006Tepidimonas thermarum sp. nov., a new slightly thermophilic betaproteobacterium isolated from the Elisenquelle in Aachen and emended description of the genus TepidimonasAlbuquerque, Luciana ; Tiago, Igor ; Veríssimo, António ; Costa, Milton S. articleopenAccess
172021The Leaf Bacterial Microbiota of Female and Male Kiwifruit Plants in Distinct Seasons: Assessing the Impact of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiaeAres, Aitana ; Pereira, Joana ; Garcia, Eva; Costa, Joana ; Tiago, Igor articleopenAccess
1813-Sep-2021The role of fungi on monumental stone biodeterioration within the UNESCO World heritage site of “University of Coimbra– Alta and Sofia”Antunes, João Trovão Lima SimõesdoctoralThesisembargoedAccess