Lourenço, Cátia F.

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Lourenço, Cátia F.
Lourenço, Cátia F.
Lourenço, Cátia F.
Lourenço, C. F.
Marques, Cátia Lourenço
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UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12018Age-Dependent Impairment of Neurovascular and Neurometabolic Coupling in the HippocampusLourenço, Cátia F. ; Ledo, Ana ; Caetano, Miguel ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
2Aug-2021A High Fat/Cholesterol Diet Recapitulates Some Alzheimer's Disease-Like Features in Mice: Focus on Hippocampal Mitochondrial DysfunctionMancini, Gianni; Dias, Cândida ; Lourenço, Cátia F. ; Laranjinha, João ; Bem, Andreza de; Ledo, Ana articleopenAccess
314-Nov-2011In vivo Nitric Oxide Concentration Dynamics Induced by Glutamatergic Neuronal Activation in Rat Brains and its Role in Neurovascular CouplingMarques, Cátia Filipa Lourenço doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
428-May-2008LDL Isolated from Plasma-Loaded Red Wine Procyanidins Resist Lipid Oxidation and Tocopherol DepletionLourenço, Cátia F. ; Gago, Bruno ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Freitas, Víctor de ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
517-Aug-2021Microelectrode Sensor for Real-Time Measurements of Nitrite in the Living Brain, in the Presence of AscorbateMonteiro, Tiago; Dias, Cândida ; Lourenço, Cátia F. ; Ledo, Ana ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Almeida, M. GabrielaarticleopenAccess
628-Jul-2017Neurometabolic and electrophysiological changes during cortical spreading depolarization: multimodal approach based on a lactate-glucose dual microbiosensor arraysLourenço, Cátia F. ; Ledo, Ana ; Gerhardt, Greg A. ; Laranjinha, João ; Barbosa, Rui M. articleopenAccess
72015Neurovascular and neurometabolic derailment in aging and Alzheimer's diseaseLourenço, Cátia F. ; Ledo, Ana ; Dias, Cândida ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
82012Nitric oxide inactivation mechanisms in the brain: role in bioenergetics and neurodegenerationSantos, Ricardo M. ; Lourenço, Cátia F. ; Ledo, Ana ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
92021Nitric Oxide Pathways in Neurovascular Coupling Under Normal and Stress Conditions in the Brain: Strategies to Rescue Aberrant Coupling and Improve Cerebral Blood FlowLourenço, Cátia F. ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
10Feb-2013Self-mixing microprobe for monitoring microvascular perfusion in rat brainFigueiras, Edite ; Oliveira, Ricardo ; Lourenço, Cátia F. ; Campos, Rita ; Humeau-Heurtier, Anne ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João ; Requicha Ferreira, Luís F. ; de Mul, Frits F M articleopenAccess