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Ledo, Ana
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Ana Ledo concluded her degree in Biochemistry at the University of Coimbra in 2000, followed by a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in 2007, also at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. In 2014 she was selected as a Ciencia Researcher and in the 2nd CEEC edition (Stimulus of Scientific Employment, Individual Support 2018 Call), she was selected to be hired as an Assistant Researcher, having ranked 1st in the Medical Biotechnology panel (9.7/10 score) and 8th overall. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy University of Coimbra and a researcher at the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, U. Coimbra, Portugal. In the early stage of her scientific career, Ana's research activities focused on understanding the concentration dynamics of neuronal-derived nitric oxide (NO) regulator of neurometabolic in the brain, in general, and the hippocampus, in particular. This later matured into the study of the role of neuronal-derived nitric oxide as a modulator of energy metabolism in the hippocampus through the determination of patterns of production and decay as well as chemical bioactivity in physiological aging neurodegenerations. In line with her scientific growth as an independent scientist, current research interests and endeavors are directed towards the study of energetic crisis and aberrant cerebrovascular function observed during acute and chronic neurological disorders such as traumatic brain injury and epilepsy or seizures. In particular, recent achievements have been made in monitoring metabolic markers (oxygen, glucose, lactate) and neuronal activity (local field potential related currents) in rodent models of neurological disorders, including those associated with ictogenesis, epileptogenesis, and seizures. This has been strongly sustained on the continuous design of novel tools and techniques for monitoring neurometabolism and redox regulation in tissue slices and in vivo in awake behaving rodent models as well as the advancement of novel biotechnological and bioanalytical tools for the study of brain bioenergetic metabolism coupled to neuronal activity in vivo, namely micro(bio)sensors for oxygen, glucose, lactate, glutamate. She has authored/co-authored: 33 full research papers (17 in Q1 journals and 6 in the top 10% of the respective research field), 5 book chapters, and 20 published abstracts. The main research area of these publications is Biochemistry (40%) followed by Neuroscience (14%), and Chemistry and Medicine (12%). She has had 2 grants approved as PI and is currently Co-PI of an ongoing grant project entitled "Monitoring neurometabolic markers in vivo using microelectrode-based biosensors". She has co-supervised 1 Ph.D. thesis and 2 MSc Thesis and is currently co-supervisor of one Ph.D. student and one MSc student. Furthermore, she has received 5 awards, the most recent of which is the "Leopold Flohé Redox Pioneer Young Investigator Award" in the 2019 SFRR-Europe Meeting, aimed at distinguishing "scientist < 45 years with outstanding novel findings in the field of biological redox processes, working already independently, and leading an own group of young scientists having published high-quality papers." She has acted as evaluator for two grants (2020 - The Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies FRIAS COFUND Fellowship Programme (FCFP) and 2016 - France Alzheimer & Maladies Apparentées) and reviewer/referee for relevant journals including Redox Biol., Free Rad. Biol. Med., Neurobiol. Dis., J. Physiol. and Nitric Oxide. To date (August 23, 2021) her h-factor is 15, counting 513 citations (Scopus).
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12018Age-Dependent Impairment of Neurovascular and Neurometabolic Coupling in the HippocampusLourenço, Cátia F. ; Ledo, Ana ; Caetano, Miguel ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
2Nov-2005Concentration Dynamics of Nitric Oxide in Rat Hippocampal SlicesLedo, Ana ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Cadenas, Enrique ; Gerhardt, Greg ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
329-Nov-2005Concentration dynamics of nitric oxide in rat hippocampal subregions evoked by stimulation of the NMDA glutamate receptorLedo, Ana ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Gerhardt, Greg A. ; Cadenas, Enrique ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
414-Jan-2022Design and Evaluation of a Lactate Microbiosensor: Toward Multianalyte Monitoring of Neurometabolic Markers In Vivo in the BrainFernandes, Eliana ; Ledo, Ana ; Barbosa, Rui M. articleopenAccess
530-Sep-2022Dynamic changes of aerobic brain oxidative metabolism revealed by lactate and the redox modulation by nitriteDias, Cândida Marília das NevesdoctoralThesisopenAccess
628-Jun-2020Electrochemical Evaluation of a Multi-Site Clinical Depth Recording Electrode for Monitoring Cerebral Tissue OxygenLedo, Ana ; Fernandes, Eliana ; Quintero, Jorge E.; Gerhardt, Greg A. ; Barbosa, Rui M. articleopenAccess
72005Electrochemical measurement of endogenously produced nitric oxide in brain slices using Nafion/o-phenylenediamine modified carbon fiber microelectrodesFerreira, Nuno R. ; Ledo, Ana ; Frade, João G. ; Gerhardt, Greg A. ; Laranjinha, João ; Barbosa, Rui M. articleopenAccess
8Aug-2021A High Fat/Cholesterol Diet Recapitulates Some Alzheimer's Disease-Like Features in Mice: Focus on Hippocampal Mitochondrial DysfunctionMancini, Gianni; Dias, Cândida ; Lourenço, Cátia F. ; Laranjinha, João ; Bem, Andreza de; Ledo, Ana articleopenAccess
92013High-Resolution Respirometry for Metabolic Profiling of Acute Rat Hippocampal SlicesHenriques, Tiago André Ferreira masterThesisopenAccess
102022In vivo hydrogen peroxide diffusivity in brain tissue supports volume signaling activityLedo, A. ; Fernandes, E. ; Salvador, A. ; Laranjinha, J. ; Barbosa, R. M. articleopenAccess
1128-Jul-2017Neurometabolic and electrophysiological changes during cortical spreading depolarization: multimodal approach based on a lactate-glucose dual microbiosensor arraysLourenço, Cátia F. ; Ledo, Ana ; Gerhardt, Greg A. ; Laranjinha, João ; Barbosa, Rui M. articleopenAccess
122015Neurovascular and neurometabolic derailment in aging and Alzheimer's diseaseLourenço, Cátia F. ; Ledo, Ana ; Dias, Cândida ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
132004Nitric oxide in brain: diffusion, targets and concentration dynamics in hippocampal subregionsLedo, Ana ; Frade, João ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
142012Nitric oxide inactivation mechanisms in the brain: role in bioenergetics and neurodegenerationSantos, Ricardo M. ; Lourenço, Cátia F. ; Ledo, Ana ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess