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Carmo, Sérgio do
Carmo, S. J. C. do
Carmo, Sérgio do
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12018Automated Purification of Radiometals Produced by Liquid TargetsAlves, Vítor H. P. ; Carmo, Sérgio do ; Alves, Francisco ; Abrunhosa, Antero articleopenAccess
22022Experimental Determination of Excitation Function Curves through the Measurement of Thick Target Yields in Liquid Targets: The Examples of the 68Zn(p,n)68Ga and 64Zn(p,α)61Cu Nuclear ReactionsCarmo, Sérgio do ; Alves, Francisco articleopenAccess
322-Nov-2018Novel Techniques for High Pressure Noble Gas Radiation DetectorsCortez, André Filipe Ventura doctoralThesisopenAccess
42010O ciclotrão : estudos de performance e potencialidades na produção de radionuclídeos de utilização médicaCarmo, S. J. C. do ; Alves, F. ; Rodrigues, A. conferenceObjectopenAccess
5Apr-2009Performance of Argon-Xenon Mixtures in a Gas Proportional Scintillation Counter for the 0.1–10 keV X-Ray RegionCarmo, S. J. C. do ; Borges, F. I. G. M. ; Conde, C. A. N. articleopenAccess
610-Jan-2020Production of radiometals in liquid targetsCarmo, Sérgio J. C. do ; Scott, Peter J. H.; Alves, Francisco articleopenAccess
72019Simple, Immediate and Calibration-Free Cyclotron Proton Beam Energy Determination Using Commercial TargetsCarmo, Sérgio J. C. do ; Oliveira, Pedro M. ; Alves, Francisco articleopenAccess
823-Feb-2011Studies on Low-Energy Particle-Induced Soft X-Ray EmissionCarmo, Sérgio José Coelho do doctoralThesisopenAccess
92018A Target-Temperature Monitoring System for Cyclotron Targets: Safety Device and Tool to Experimentally Validate Targetry StudiesCarmo, Sérgio do ; Oliveira, Pedro M. de ; Alves, Francisco articleopenAccess
102021Thermal Simulation Studies for the Characterization of a Cyclotron Liquid Target with Thick Niobium Target WindowsCarmo, Sérgio J. C. do ; Oliveira, Pedro; Alves, Francisco articleopenAccess
1125-Jul-2019Thermal Simulation Studies of a Cyclotron Liquid Target with Thick Niobium WindowOliveira, Pedro Manuel Fernandes demasterThesisopenAccess