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Canhoto, Cristina
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12013Annual organic matter dynamics in a small temperate mountain streamFerreira, Verónica ; Lírio, Ana Virgínia ; Canhoto, Cristina ; Rosa, João articleopenAccess
220-Jul-2018Are fungal strains from salinized streams functionally more efficient than their conspecifics from reference streams?Carvalho, Adriana Reimão masterThesisembargoedAccess
32015Assessing the lack of intolerant macroinvertebrate species in a low order peri-urban streamNascimento, Diogo Samuel Paixão do masterThesisopenAccess
41-Sep-2008Biological testing of a digested sewage sludge and derived compostsMoreira, R. ; Sousa, J.P. ; Canhoto, C. articleopenAccess
52019Capítulo 12. Processos ecológicos e serviçosFerreira, Verónica ; Canhoto, Cristina ; Pascoal, Cláudia; Graça, Manuel A. S. bookPartopenAccess
62013Combined effects of water temperature and nutrients concentration on periphyton respiration - implications of global changeRosa, João ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Canhoto, Cristina ; Graça, Manuel A.S. articleopenAccess
72015A conceptual model of litter breakdown in low order streamsGraça, Manuel A. S. ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Canhoto, Cristina ; Encalada, Andrea C.; Guerrero-Bolaño, Francisco; Wantzen, Karl M.; Boyero, LuzarticleopenAccess
82010Contamination by uranium mine drainages affects fungal growth and interactions between fungal species and strainsFerreira, Verónica ; Gonçalves, Ana Lúcia ; Pratas, João ; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
92007Decomposition of Fire Exposed Eucalyptus Leaves in a Portuguese Lowland StreamGama, Mafalda ; Gonçalves, Ana Lúcia ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Graça, Manuel A. S. ; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
1011-Jul-2019Differences in leaf traits of Vitis vinifera varieties affect their decomposition in streamsOliveira, Ricardo Pedro da SilvamasterThesisembargoedAccess
1113-Jul-2018Does salinization of freshwater alter fish behaviour?Leite, Tamara Priscila Faleiro Pereira masterThesisopenAccess
122015Does stream secondary salinization affect fungal and detritus palatability to shredders?Belihu, Tesfalem Getahun masterThesisopenAccess
134-Dec-2014Efeito do aquecimento global no funcionamento dos pequenos ribeiros de floresta: evidências de um projecto de manipulação de temperatura in situFerreira, Verónica ; Canhoto, Cristina conferenceObjectopenAccess
142009Efeitos de escorrências de minas de Urânio na decomposição foliar e ecologia do invertebrado Sericostoma vittatumLírio, Ana Virgínia da Silva Gonçalves Pereira masterThesisopenAccess
152014Effect of experimental and seasonal warming on litter decomposition in a temperate streamFerreira, Verónica ; Canhoto, C. articleopenAccess
162010Effect of increased atmospheric CO2 on the performance of an aquatic detritivore through changes in water temperature and litter qualityFerreira, Verónica ; Gonçalves, Ana Lúcia ; Godbold, Douglas L.; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
172012Effect of temperature and presence of a dominant shredder (Allogamus laureatus) in the variability patterns of macroinvertebrate assemblages associated with decomposing leaf litterDomingos, Cátia Isabel Pinto masterThesisopenAccess
182015Effects of experimental warming, litter species, and presence of macroinvertebrates on litter decomposition and associated decomposers in a temperate mountain streamFerreira, Verónica ; Chauvet, Eric; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
1911-Jul-2019Effects of Freshwater Salinization Promoted by Different Ions on Oak Leaf DecompositionBarros, Juliana BatistamasterThesisembargoedAccess
202012Effects of light intensity on leaf litter quality for the shredder Sericostoma vittatumSantos, Inês Filipa Lopes dos masterThesisopenAccess
212015Effects of stream salinization on fungal-mediated leaf decomposition: a microcosm approachSimões, Sara Isabel Carneiro masterThesisopenAccess
223-Apr-2001Eucalyptus globulus leaves : morphological and chemical barriers to decomposition in streamsCanhoto, Cristina Maria Moreira Monteiro Leal doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
2324-Jul-2017Eucalyptus plantations: can different species determine different "ecological realities" in streams?Gonçalves, Guilherme Sampaio Rodrigues masterThesisopenAccess
2418-Jul-2019Exames nacionais de Biologia em Portugal e no Brasil: o que requerem dos alunos e percepções de professores sobre suas implicações no ensino e na aprendizagemSilva, Daisy dadoctoralThesisembargoedAccess
252015Fungal alteration of the elemental composition of leaf litter affects shredder feeding activityCornut, Julien ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Gonçalves, Ana Lúcia ; Chauvet, Eric; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
262015Future increase in temperature may stimulate litter decomposition in temperate mountain streams: Evidence from a stream manipulation experimentFerreira, Verónica ; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
27Jan-2019Global patterns and drivers of ecosystem functioning in rivers and riparian zonesTiegs, Scott D.; Costello, David M.; Isken, Mark W.; Woodward, Guy; McIntyre, Peter B.; Gessner, Mark O.; Chauvet, Eric; Canhoto, Cristina ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Graça, Manuel A. S. ; Medeiros, Adriana Oliveira ; et al.articleopenAccess
2820-Jul-2015Importance of fungal richness on leaf decomposition in salt-enriched streams: a microcosm studySilva, Janine Pereira da masterThesisopenAccess
292015Importance of fungal species on shredders feeding behaviourComprido, Susana Gonçalves Ferreira masterThesisopenAccess
302007Leachates of Eucalyptus globulus in Intermittent Streams Affect Water Parameters and InvertebratesCanhoto, Cristina ; Laranjeira, Celia articleopenAccess
312015Leaf litter decomposition in a fluvialestuarine environmentPereira, Ana Rita do Jurado e masterThesisopenAccess
3213-Jul-2020N-contamination may camouflage salinization effects on leaf litter decompositionRodrigues, Inês FigueiredomasterThesisembargoedAccess
33Sep-2017Response of biofilm growth to experimental warming in a temperate streamDelgado, Cristina; Almeida, Salomé F. P. ; Elias, Carmen L.; Ferreira, Verónica ; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
342010Riparian land use and the relationship between the benthos and litter decomposition in tropical montane streamsEncalada, Andrea C. ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Canhoto, Cristina ; Graça, Manuel A. S. ; Calles, JuanarticleopenAccess
352016Seasonal Variability May Affect Microbial Decomposers and Leaf Decomposition More Than Warming in StreamsDuarte, Sofia ; Cássio, Fernanda; Ferreira, Verónica ; Canhoto, Cristina ; Pascoal, Cláudia articleopenAccess
3611-Mar-2022Stream leaf litter decomposition under flow intermittencySimões, Sara Isabel CarneirodoctoralThesisembargoedAccess
372007The breakdown of Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus Labill.) bark in a Portuguese streamGonçalves, Ana Lúcia ; Gama, Mafalda ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Graça, Manuel A.S. ; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
382013The effect of temperature on leaf decomposition and diversity of associated aquatic hyphomycetes depends on the substrateGonçalves, Ana Lúcia ; Graça, Manuel A. S. ; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
3913-Dec-2013The importance of fungal diversity on leaf decomposition in streamsGonçalves, Ana Lúcia doctoralThesisopenAccess
402013The importance of inert fine sediments on leaves microbial decomposition and aquatic invertebrates (Sericostoma vitattum) consumptionFebra, Isabel Maria Nabais masterThesisopenAccess
412020The role of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in leaf decomposition mediated by aquatic fungiAbelho, Manuela ; Canhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
422014Tolerance and co-tolerance of microbial communities on leaf litter to silver nanoparticles and antibioticsKuburić, Marina masterThesisopenAccess
432009Uranium adsorption by Articulospora tetracladia: can aquatic hyphomycetes be natural bioremediators of uranium contaminated streams?Ferreira, V. ; Gonçalves, A. L. ; Pratas, J. ; Canhoto, C. conferenceObjectopenAccess
442017Use of stable isotope ratios of fish larvae as indicators to assess diets and patterns of anthropogenic nitrogen pollution in estuarine ecosystemsCanhoto, Cristina articleopenAccess
452014Using species traits to assess ecological integrity of urban streamsIsidoro, Pedro masterThesisopenAccess
462014Warming, and the presence of a dominant shredder, drive variation in decomposer communities in a mountain streamDomingos, Cátia ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Canhoto, Cristina ; Swan, Christopher M. articleopenAccess