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Leal, Graciano
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12014Activity-dependent changes in the dendritic distribution of hnRNP K : functional implicationsMorais, Eduardo Manuel Firmo masterThesisopenAccess
22014BDNF-induced local protein synthesis and synaptic plasticityLeal, Graciano ; Comprido, Diogo ; Duarte, Carlos B. articleopenAccess
32018BDNF-Live-Exon-Visualization (BLEV) Allows Differential Detection of BDNF Transcripts in vitro and in vivoSinger, Wibke; Manthey, Marie; Panford-Walsh, Rama; Matt, Lucas; Geisler, Hyun-Soon; Passeri, Eleonora; Baj, Gabriele; Tongiorgi, Enrico ; Leal, Graciano ; Duarte, Carlos B. ; Salazar, Ivan L. ; Eckert, Philipp; Rohbock, Karin; Hu, Jing; Strotmann, Jörg; Ruth, Peter; Zimmermann, Ulrike; Rüttiger, Lukas; Ott, Thomas; Schimmang, Thomas; Knipper, MarliesarticleopenAccess
42014Neuronal Activity Induces Synaptic Delivery of hnRNP A2/B1 by a BDNF-Dependent Mechanism in Cultured Hippocampal NeuronsLeal, Graciano ; Afonso, Pedro M. ; Duarte, Carlos B. articleopenAccess
54-Feb-2014Regulation of hnRNP A2/B1 and hnRNP K by synaptic activity and BDNF in the hippocampusLeal, Graciano doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
612-Apr-2010Role of the proteasome in excitotoxicity-induced cleavage of glutamic acid decarboxylase in cultured hippocampal neuronsBaptista, Márcio ; Melo, Carlos V. ; Armelão, Mário; Herrmann, Dennis; Pimentel, Diogo O.; Leal, Graciano ; Caldeira, Margarida V. ; Bahr, Ben A. ; Bengtson, Mário; Almeida, Ramiro D. ; Duarte, Carlos B. articleopenAccess
72017The RNA-Binding Protein hnRNP K Mediates the Effect of BDNF on Dendritic mRNA Metabolism and Regulates Synaptic NMDA Receptors in Hippocampal NeuronsLeal, Graciano ; Comprido, Diogo ; Luca, Pasqualino De ; Morais, Eduardo Manuel Firmo ; Rodrigues, Luís; Mele, Miranda ; Santos, Ana R. ; Costa, Rui O. ; Pinto, Maria Joana ; Patil, Sudarshan; Berentsen, Birgitte; Afonso, Pedro M. ; Carreto, Laura; Li, Ka Wan; Pinheiro, Paulo S. ; Almeida, Ramiro D. ; Santos, Manuel A. S. ; Bramham, Clive R.; Duarte, Carlos B. articleopenAccess