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Simão, Licínia
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
127-Jun-2018Armenian Dreams of DemocracySimão, Licínia otheropenAccess
22018Desafios da Política Externa Europeia no Cáucaso do Sul: Os Limites da Geopolítica de Base NormativaSimão, Licínia articleopenAccess
32008The EU's Neighborhood policy anhd the South Caucasus : unfolding new patterns of cooperationSimão, Licínia ; Freire, Maria Raquel articleopenAccess
42013(In)security in Post-Soviet Eurasia: Contributions from Critical Security StudiesSimão, Licínia articleopenAccess
52013IntroduçãoSimão, Licínia otheropenAccess
62018Nuclear Security in the EU's vicinity: Challenges of the Metsamor Nuclear Power PlantSimão, Licínia articleopenAccess
714-Mar-2014The new European bipolaritySimão, Licínia otheropenAccess
82016The Ukrainian conflict in Russian foreign policy: Rethinking the interconnections between domestic and foreign policy strategiesSimão, Licínia articleembargoedAccess