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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12020Different Patterns of Ecological Divergence Between Two Tetraploids and Their Diploid Counterpart in a Parapatric Linear Coastal Distribution Polyploid ComplexCastro, Mariana ; Loureiro, João ; Figueiredo, Albano ; Serrano, Miguel; Husband, Brian C.; Castro, Silvia articleopenAccess
22023Editorial: Sustainable strategies for the management of phytoparasitic nematodesMaleita, Carla ; Esteves, Ivânia ; Ciancio, Aurelio; Oka, YujiarticleopenAccess
32023EuDiS - A comprehensive database of the seed dispersal syndromes of the European floraVargas, Pablo ; Heleno, Ruben ; Costa, Jose M. articleopenAccess
42023Impact of genome duplications in drought tolerance and distribution of the diploid-tetraploid Jasione maritimaCastro, Helena ; Dias, Maria Celeste ; Castro, Mariana ; Loureiro, João ; Castro, Silvia articleopenAccess
521-Jan-2023Metabolomics as a Tool to Understand Nano-Plant Interactions: The Case Study of Metal-Based NanoparticlesSilva, Sónia; Dias, Maria Celeste ; Pinto, Diana C. G. A.; Silva, Artur M. S.articleopenAccess
62021Salinity Affects Freshwater Invertebrate Traits and Litter DecompositionAbelho, Manuela ; Ribeiro, Rui ; Moreira-Santos, Matilde articleopenAccess
710-Feb-2021Solanum linnaeanum and Solanum sisymbriifolium as a sustainable strategy for the management of Meloidogyne chitwoodiPerpétuo, Laura Soraia ; Cunha, Maria J. M. ; Batista, Maria Teresa ; Conceição, Isabel Luci articleopenAccess