Moreira-Santos, Matilde

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Moreira-Santos, Matilde
Moreira-Santos, Matilde
Santos, MMM dos
Santos, MM dos
Santos, Matilde Maria Moreira dos
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Matilde Moreira-Santos (female) is a Researcher in the Department of Life Sciences-University of Coimbra, at CFE-Centre for Functional Ecology - Science for People & the Planet. Since receiving her PhD degree in Applied Biological Sciences-Environmental Technology in 1998 the emphasis of her national/international research career has been on the reduction of uncertainties in extrapolations inherent to Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA), specifically on exposure routes and environmental effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors (mainly metals and plant protection products) and their mitigation (bioremediation), across biological organization levels up to ecosystems, across geographic regions. This path led her to acquire specialisation in the following domains: (1) ecological relevance/cost-effectiveness of (lab)/in situ tools for site-specific ERA and monitoring; (2) contaminant-driven dispersion of organisms, due to avoidance/recolonisation responses; (3) climate-driven differences in ecosystems direct/indirect contaminant impacts. She published 66 papers in WoS indexed journals (h-index is 22), 58% in journals with a high impact factor (Quartile ranking Q1), with 167 different researchers from 17 different countries across America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Three papers are critical reviews, one on the use of in situ approaches for quality assessments (in 2015) and two on spatial avoidance (in 2016 & 2019), two of her chief research lines. She published 7 book chapters, 3 of them critical reviews, one (in 2012) on the bioremediation of soils s-triazine contaminated (a research field in which ecotoxicology is proven to be a major contribution) and two (in 2017 & 2019) on the inclusion of avoidance in ERA. She was successful in obtaining funding through national/international research projects (19 and 11, respectively; 2 as Principal Investigator) and various services rendered, strengthening national/international collaborations. She attracted national/international students co-supervising MSc, PhD and Post-doctoral students. Worth noting is the number of international collaborations, reflected in (i) students with foreign affiliation when arriving at UC, (ii) co-supervisions with foreign institutions, (iii) papers with co-authors with foreign affiliations (61%), and (iv) lecturer in advanced courses. She was early committed to teach/supervise in national/international (under)gradute, MSc, PhD and post-graduate courses across America, Europe, Africa and Asia. She enrols with the international scientific community attending international congresses (with 54 oral communications in total), being a referee in WoS indexed journals and of projects, and in the organisation of scientific meetings.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Jan-2024Comparing the sensitivity of aquatic organisms relative to Daphnia sp. toward essential oils and crude extracts: A meta-analysisAfonso, Sandra ; Ferreira, Verónica ; Moreira-Santos, Matilde articleopenAccess
2Jan-2014Copper-driven avoidance and mortality in temperate and tropical tadpolesAraújo, Cristiano V. M. ; Shinn, Cândida ; Moreira-Santos, Matilde ; Lopes, Isabel ; Espíndola, Evaldo L. G. ; Ribeiro, Rui articleopenAccess
32004The ‘Coral Bulker’ Fuel Oil Spill on the North Coast of Portugal: Spatial and Temporal Biomarker Responses in Mytilus galloprovincialisMoreira, Susana Maria ; Moreira-Santos, M. ; Ribeiro, R. ; Guilhermino, L. articleopenAccess
42012A cost-effective tool-box to assess ecological receptors at most risk in a potentially pesticide contaminated south European big man-made reservoiOrdóñez Román, Nadia Ivonne masterThesisopenAccess
52008Development and Sensitivity of a 12-h Laboratory Test with Daphnia magna Straus Based on Avoidance of Pulp Mill EffluentsRosa, R. ; Moreira-Santos, M. ; Lopes, I. ; Picado, A. ; Mendonça, E. ; Ribeiro, R. articleopenAccess
62013Development and validation of an experimental life support system for assessing the effects of global climate change and environmental contamination on estuarine and coastal marine benthic communitiesCoelho, Francisco J. R. C. ; Rocha, Rui J. M. ; Pires, Ana C. C. ; Ladeiro, Bruno ; Castanheira, José M. ; Costa, Rodrigo ; Almeida, Adelaide ; Cunha, Ângela ; Lillebo, Ana I. ; Ribeiro, R. ; Pereira, Ruth ; Lopes, Isabel ; Marques, Catarina ; Moreira-Santos, Matilde ; Calado, Ricardo ; Cleary, Daniel F. R. ; Gomes, Newton C. M. articleopenAccess
72012Does S-metolachlor affect the performance of Pseudomonas sp. strain ADP as bioaugmentation bacterium for atrazine-contaminated soils?Viegas, Cristina A; Costa, Catarina; André, Sandra; Viana, Paula; Ribeiro, Rui ; Moreira-Santos, Matilde articleopenAccess
82015Ecological Risk Assessment of a Metal-Contaminated Area in the Tropics. Tier II: Detailed AssessmentNiemeyer, Júlia Carina ; Moreira-Santos, Matilde ; Ribeiro, Rui ; Rutgers, Michiel; Nogueira, Marco Antonio; da Silva, Eduardo Mendes; Sousa, José Paulo articleopenAccess
92013Ecotoxicity characterization of a South European big man-made reservoir : a cost-effective tool-box to assess ecological receptors and functions at most riskTesfaye, Asgdom Malu masterThesisopenAccess
102014Ethoprophos fate on soil–water interface and effects on non-target terrestrial and aquatic biota under Mediterranean crop-based scenariosLeitão, Sara ; Moreira-Santos, Matilde ; Van den Brink, Paul J. ; Ribeiro, R. ; Cerejeira, M. José ; Sousa, J. P. articleopenAccess
112015Evaluation of Arthrobacter aurescens Strain TC1 as Bioaugmentation Bacterium in Soils Contaminated with the Herbicidal Substance TerbuthylazineSilva, Vera P.; Moreira-Santos, Matilde ; Mateus, Carla ; Teixeira, Tânia ; Ribeiro, Rui ; Viegas, Cristina A.articleopenAccess
122013Going with the Flow: Detection of Drift in Response to Hypo-Saline Stress by the Estuarine Benthic Diatom Cylindrotheca closteriumAraujo, Cristiano V. M. ; Romero-Romero, Sonia ; Lourençato, Lucio F. ; Moreno-Garrido, Ignacio ; Blasco, Julián ; Gretz, Michael R. ; Moreira-Santos, Matilde ; Ribeiro, R. articleopenAccess
132013Heritability and inheritance of tolerance to copper in Daphnia magnaLouro, Filipe José Afonso Sabino de Sousa masterThesisopenAccess
142005In Situ and Laboratory Microalgal Assays in the Tropics: A Microcosm Simulation of Edge-of-Field Pesticide RunoffMoreira-Santos, M. ; Silva, E. M. da ; Soares, A. M. V. M. ; Ribeiro, R. articleopenAccess
152004An in situ bioassay for freshwater environments with the microalga Pseudokirchneriella subcapitataMoreira-Santos, Matilde ; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M. ; Ribeiro, Rui articleopenAccess
162006An in situ postexposure feeding assay with Carcinus maenas for estuarine sediment-overlying water toxicity evaluationsMoreira, Susana M. ; Moreira-Santos, Matilde ; Guilhermino, Lúcia ; Ribeiro, Rui articleopenAccess
172013A laboratory and in situ postexposure feeding assay with a freshwater snailCorreia, Vânia ; Ribeiro, R. ; Moreira-Santos, Matilde articleopenAccess
182009Review on the acuteDaphnia magnatoxicity test – Evaluation of the sensitivity and the precision of assays performed with organisms from laboratory cultures or hatched from dormant eggsPersoone, G.; Baudo, R.; Cotman, M.; Blaise, C.; Thompson, K. Cl.; Moreira-Santos, M. ; Vollat, B.; Törökne, A.; Han, T.articleopenAccess
192021Salinity Affects Freshwater Invertebrate Traits and Litter DecompositionAbelho, Manuela ; Ribeiro, Rui ; Moreira-Santos, Matilde articleopenAccess
202005A Short-Term Sublethal In Situ Sediment Assay with Chironomus riparius Based on Postexposure FeedingSoares, S. ; Cativa, I. ; Moreira-Santos, M. ; Soares, A. ; Ribeiro, R. articleopenAccess
212012A short-term sublethal in situ toxicity assay with snails to assess and monitor river water quality : a tool for a functional approachCorreia, Vânia Isabel Neves masterThesisopenAccess
222011Toxicity of surface versus subsurface sediments of a protected coastal lagoon under recentremediation(Paramos,Portugal)Gonçalves, Ana Jacinta Oliveira masterThesisopenAccess
232014Unrevealing the interactive effects of climate change and oil contamination on lab-simulated estuarine benthic communitiesCoelho, Francisco J. R. C. ; Cleary, Daniel F. R. ; Rocha, Rui J. M. ; Calado, Ricardo ; Castanheira, José M. ; Rocha, Sílvia M. ; Silva, Artur M. S. ; Simões, Mário M. Q. ; Oliveira, Vanessa ; Lillebø, Ana ; Almeida, Adelaide ; Cunha, Ângela ; Lopes, Isabel ; Ribeiro, Rui ; Moreira-Santos, Matilde ; Marques, Catarina R. ; Costa, Rodrigo ; Pereira, Ruth ; Gomes, Newton C. M. articleembargoedAccess