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Castro, Silvia
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My main research interests are: Plant diversification and sympatric speciation through polyploidization; Evolutionary dynamics of diploid-polyploid plant groups namely the origin, maintenance and ecological consequences of polyploidy in several complexes; Plant-pollinator interactions driving extant plant diversity; Pollination ecosystem services for sustainable agroecosystems: pollination deficits for crop yield and pollinator improvement solutions; Biodiversity conservation: reproductive biology, ecology and in situ and ex situ conservation of endangered species, integrated conservation of biological units, links and functions.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
114-Feb-2018Complex cytogeographical patterns reveal a dynamic tetraploid-octoploid contact zoneCastro, Mariana; Castro, Sílvia ; Rodrigues, Albano ; Husband, Brian; Loureiro, João articleopenAccess
22020Corrigendum: Different Patterns of Ecological Divergence Between Two Tetraploids and Their Diploid Counterpart in a Parapatric Linear Coastal Distribution Polyploid ComplexCastro, Mariana ; Loureiro, João ; Figueiredo, Albano ; Serrano, Miguel; Husband, Brian C; Castro, Silvia articleopenAccess
34-Mar-2022Cytogenetic, Morphometric, and Ecological Characterization of Festuca indigesta Boiss. in the Southeast of SpainMartínez-Sagarra, Gloria; Casimiro-Soriguer, Federico; Castro, Silvia ; Loureiro, João ; Devesa, Juan AarticleopenAccess
42020Different Patterns of Ecological Divergence Between Two Tetraploids and Their Diploid Counterpart in a Parapatric Linear Coastal Distribution Polyploid ComplexCastro, Mariana ; Loureiro, João ; Figueiredo, Albano ; Serrano, Miguel; Husband, Brian C.; Castro, Silvia articleopenAccess
52018Diminishing importance of elaiosomes for acacia seed removal in non-native rangesMontesinos, Daniel ; Correia, Marta ; Castro, Sílvia ; French, Kristine ; Rodríguez-Echeverría, Susana articleopenAccess
62023Ecological niches in the polyploid complex Linum suffruticosum s.lAfonso, Ana ; Castro, Silvia ; Loureiro, João ; Arroyo, Juan; Figueiredo, Albano ; Lopes, Sara ; Castro, Mariana articleopenAccess
72013Effect of invader removal: pollinators stay but some native plants miss their new friendFerrero, Victoria ; Castro, Sílvia ; Costa, Joana ; Acuña, Paola ; Navarro, Luis ; Loureiro, J. articleopenAccess
84-Oct-2018Evolutionary ecology of polyploids: understanding species coexistence at the contact zonesCastro, Mariana Oliveira doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
92012Flora e vegetação da zona calcária Souselas/BrasfemesAntunes, Tânia Maria Fernandes masterThesisopenAccess
102022Flower strips and remnant semi‐natural vegetation have different impacts on pollination and productivity of sunflower cropsMota, Lucie ; Hevia, Violeta; Rad, Carlos; Alves, Joana; Silva, António; González, José A.; Ortega‐Marcos, Jorge; Aguado, Oscar; Alcorlo, Paloma; Azcárate, Francisco M.; Chapinal, Libertad; López, César A.; Loureiro, João ; Marks, Evan A. N.; Siopa, Catarina ; Sousa, José Paulo; Castro, Sílvia articleopenAccess
112018Genetic and Genomic Tools to Asssist Sugar Beet Improvement: The Value of the Crop Wild RelativesMonteiro, Filipa; Frese, Lothar; Castro, Silvia ; Duarte, Maria C.; Paulo, Octávio S.; Loureiro, João ; Romeiras, Maria M.articleopenAccess
122015Genome size of invasive and non-invasive succulent speciesSilva, Ruth Gabrielle Nobre masterThesisopenAccess
132012Genome size variation and incidence of polyploidy in Scrophulariaceae sensu lato from the Iberian PeninsulaCastro, Mariana ; Castro, Sílvia ; Loureiro, J. articleopenAccess
1411-Jun-2021Genome Size, Chromosome Number and Morphological Data Reveal Unexpected Infraspecific Variability in Festuca (Poaceae)Martínez-Sagarra, Gloria; Castro, Silvia ; Mota, Lucie ; Loureiro, João ; Devesa, Juan A.articleopenAccess
157-Feb-2023Hybridization and introgression are prevalent in Southern European Erysimum (Brassicaceae) speciesOsuna-Mascaró, Carolina; Rubio de Casas, Rafael; Gómez, José M.; Loureiro, João ; Castro, Silvia ; Landis, Jacob B.; Hopkins, Robin; Perfectti, FranciscoarticleopenAccess
162023Impact of genome duplications in drought tolerance and distribution of the diploid-tetraploid Jasione maritimaCastro, Helena ; Dias, Maria Celeste ; Castro, Mariana ; Loureiro, João ; Castro, Silvia articleopenAccess
172016Invasion Fosters Change: Independent Evolutionary Shifts in Reproductive Traits after Oxalis pes-caprae L. IntroductionCastro, Silvia ; Castro, Mariana ; Ferrero, Victoria ; Costa, Joana ; Tavares, Daniela ; Navarro, Luis ; Loureiro, João articleopenAccess
182021Manual para a cultura do KiwiCasais, Vinícius Oliveira ; Loureiro, João; Gomes, Alexandra; Reis, Luís; Castro, Silvia ; Costa, JoanabookopenAccess
192016Melhoramento em Actinidia chinensis Planch. e Actinidia deliciosa A. Chev: Clonagem, Indução de poliploides e Avaliação da germinação de pólenMorgado, Filomena Maria Alexandre masterThesisopenAccess
202013Outcomes of Extensive Hybridization and Introgression in Epidendrum (Orchidaceae): Can We Rely on Species Boundaries?Vega, Yesenia ; Marques, Isabel ; Castro, Sílvia ; Loureiro, J. articleopenAccess
21Jun-2023Ploidy effects on the relationship between floral phenotype, reproductive investment, and fitness in an autogamous species complexGarcía-Muñoz, Ana; Ferrón, Camilo; Vaca-Benito, Celia; Loureiro, João ; Castro, Silvia ; Muñoz-Pajares, A Jesús; Abdelaziz, MohamedarticleopenAccess
229-Aug-2023Population size as a major determinant of mating system and population genetic differentiation in a narrow endemic chasmophyteSurina, Boštjan; Balant, Manica; Glasnović, Peter; Radosavljević, Ivan; Fišer, Živa; Fujs, Nataša; Castro, Silvia articleopenAccess
232018Production of synthetic tetraploids as a tool for polyploid researchCastro, Mariana ; Castro, Silvia ; Loureiro, João articleopenAccess
242012Reproductive Biology of Australian acacias in PortugalCorreia, Marta Cardoso Lopes masterThesisopenAccess
252013So many visitors and so few pollinators: variation in insect frequency and effectiveness governs the reproductive success of an endemic milkwortCastro, Sílvia ; Loureiro, J. ; Ferrero, Victoria ; Silveira, Paulo ; Navarro, Luis articleopenAccess
2622-Jun-2021Spatiotemporal Variation in Pollination Deficits in an Insect-Pollinated Dioecious CropCastro, Helena Isabel Ferreira de ; Siopa, Catarina Constantino ; Casais, Vinícius ; Castro, Mariana; Loureiro, João ; Gaspar, Hugo ; Dias, Maria Celeste Pereira ; Castro, Silvia articleopenAccess
2716-May-2017The function and adaptive significance of the floral polymorphism heterostylyCosta, Joana Filipa Martinho da doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
282014The role of reproduction in the emergence and evolution of polyploid plantCastro, Sílvia ; Loureiro, João articleopenAccess
292016Two invasive acacia species secure generalist pollinators in invaded communitiesMontesinos, Daniel ; Castro, Sílvia ; Rodríguez-Echeverría, Susana articleopenAccess
302023Video abstract production guideFerreira, Miguel ; Lopes, Betina ; Granado, António; Siopa, Catarina ; Gaspar, Hugo ; Castro, Helena ; Castro, Silvia ; Loureiro, João articleopenAccess