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Mota, Lucie
Mota, Lucie
Mota, Lucie
Mota, L.
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12022Flower strips and remnant semi‐natural vegetation have different impacts on pollination and productivity of sunflower cropsMota, Lucie ; Hevia, Violeta; Rad, Carlos; Alves, Joana; Silva, António; González, José A.; Ortega‐Marcos, Jorge; Aguado, Oscar; Alcorlo, Paloma; Azcárate, Francisco M.; Chapinal, Libertad; López, César A.; Loureiro, João ; Marks, Evan A. N.; Siopa, Catarina ; Sousa, José Paulo; Castro, Sílvia articleopenAccess
22013Genome size variation and polyploidy incidence in the alpine flora from SpainLoureiro, J. ; Castro, Mariana ; Oliveira, José Cerca de ; Mota, Lucie ; Torices, Rubén articleopenAccess
311-Jun-2021Genome Size, Chromosome Number and Morphological Data Reveal Unexpected Infraspecific Variability in Festuca (Poaceae)Martínez-Sagarra, Gloria; Castro, Silvia ; Mota, Lucie ; Loureiro, João ; Devesa, Juan A.articleopenAccess