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122-Dec-2021Does the white coat influence satisfaction, trust and empathy in the doctor-patient relationship in the General and Family Medicine consultation? Interventional studyCarreira, Leonor Marques Caetano ; Dinis, Sara Teotónio ; Correia, António; Pereira, António; Belo, Regina; Madanelo, Inês ; Brito, David ; Gomes, Rita; Monteiro, Luís; Correia, Gil; Maia, Conceição; Marques, Tiago; Sousa, Raquel; Abreu, Diogo; Matias, Catarina ; Constantino, Liliana ; Rosendo, Inês articleopenAccess
22021Family Physicians' Perspectives on Their Role in Palliative Care: A Double Focus Group in PortugalCardoso, Carlos Seiça; Prazeres, Filipe; Xavier, Beatriz; Gomes, BárbaraarticleopenAccess
32022Non-pharmacological interventions in primary care to improve the quality of life of older patients with palliative care needs: a systematic review protocolCardoso, Carlos Seiça ; Monteiro-Soares, Matilde; Rita Matos, Joana; Prazeres, Filipe; Martins, Carlos; Gomes, Bárbara articleopenAccess
428-Apr-2021Spatial Patterns in Hospital-Acquired Infections in Portugal (2014-2017)Teixeira, Hugo; Freitas, Alberto; Sarmento, António; Nossa, Paulo ; Gonçalves, Hernâni; Pina, Maria de FátimaarticleopenAccess