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Santos, Isabel M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12014Forms and Functions of Aggression in Adolescents: Validation of the Portuguese Version of the Peer Conflict ScaleVagos, Paula ; Rijo, Daniel ; Santos, Isabel M. ; Marsee, Monica A. articleopenAccess
22017Measuring Evaluation Fears in Adolescence: Psychometric validation of the Portuguese versions of the Fear of Positive Evaluation Scale and the Specific Fear of Negative Evaluation ScaleVagos, Paula ; Salvador, Maria do Céu ; Rijo, Daniel ; Santos, Isabel M. ; Weeks, Justin W. ; Heimberg, Richard G. articleopenAccess
32016Scenes for Social Information Processing in Adolescence: Item and factor analytic procedures for psychometric appraisalVagos, Paula ; Rijo, Daniel ; Santos, Isabel M. articleopenAccess