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12021An automated bi‐level optimization approach for IMRTCarrasqueira, P.; Alves, M. J.; Dias, J. M.; Rocha, Humberto ; Ventura, T.; Ferreira, B. C.; Lopes, M. C.articleopenAccess
22021An automated treatment planning strategy for highly noncoplanar radiotherapy arc trajectoriesCarrasqueira, P.; Rocha, Humberto ; Dias, J. M.; Ventura, T.; Ferreira, B. C. ; Lopes, M. C.articleembargoedAccess
32021Are soft skills conditioned by conflicting factors? A multiobjective programming approach to explore the trade-offsMarcenaro-Gutierrez, O. D.; Lopez-Agudo, L. A.; Henriques, C. O. articleopenAccess
42021Assessing the need for adaptive radiotherapy in head and neck cancer patients using an automatic planning toolAlves, Natália de Sousa Rodrigues ; Dias, Joana Maria Pina Cabral Matos ; Rocha, Humberto ; Ventura, Tiago ; Mateus, Josefina ; Capela, Miguel; Khouri, Leila ; Lopes, Maria do Carmo Carrilho Calado Antunes articleopenAccess
52020Bilevel optimization to deal with demand response in power grids: models, methods and challengesAntunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Alves, Maria João ; Ecer, BillurarticleembargoedAccess
624-Dec-2020Brexit: An Exploratory Analysis of the Macroeconomic Effects on the British EconomyBento, João Alves; Duarte, António Portugal articleopenAccess
72020Comparison of Different Strategies for Arc Therapy OptimizationRocha, Humberto ; Dias, Joana; Carrasqueira, Pedro; Ventura, Tiago ; Ferreira, Brígida da Costa ; Lopes, Maria do Carmo bookPartopenAccess
8Dec-2021Comparison of non-coplanar optimization of static beams and arc trajectories for intensity-modulated treatments of meningioma casesVentura, Tiago ; Rocha, Humberto ; da Costa Ferreira, Brigida; Dias, Joana; do Carmo Lopes, MariaarticleopenAccess
92022A comprehensive and modular set of appliance operation MILP models for demand response optimizationAntunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Alves, Maria João Teixeira Gomes ; Soares, Inês articleopenAccess
102021A deterministic bounding procedure for the global optimization of a bi-level mixed-integer problemSoares, Ines ; Alves, Maria João ; Henggeler Antunes, Carlos articleembargoedAccess
112022Discounted costs and obsolescence with the Joint replenishment problemAfonso, Ricardo ; Godinho, Pedro ; Costa, João Paulo articleopenAccess
122021Effect of Battery Electric Vehicles on Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 29 European Union CountriesFuinhas, José Alberto ; Koengkan, Matheus; Leitão, Nuno Carlos; Nwani, Chinazaekpere; Uzuner, Gizem; Dehdar, Fatemeh; Relva, Stefania; Peyerl, DrielliarticleopenAccess
13Dec-2022Giving zombie firms a second chance: An assessment of the reform of the Portuguese insolvency frameworkCarreira, Carlos ; Teixeira, Paulino ; Nieto-Carrillo, ErnestoarticleopenAccess
142021Learning target-based preferences through additive models: An application in radiotherapy treatment planningDias, Luis C.; Dias, Joana; Ventura, Tiago ; Rocha, Humberto ; Ferreira, Brígida da Costa ; Khouri, Leila ; Lopes, Maria do Carmo Carrilho Calado Antunes articleopenAccess
152020Maximizing Learning Through Cohesion: Contributions From a Nonlinear ApproachDimas, Isabel Dórdio ; Lourenço, Paulo Renato Martins Ribeiro da Silva ; Rebelo, Teresa ; Rocha, Humberto articleembargoedAccess
162022Minimum wage and financially distressed firms: Another one bites the dustAlexandre, F.; Bação, P. ; Cerejeira, J.; Costa, H. ; Portela, M.articleopenAccess
17Feb-2022A new exact method for linear bilevel problems with multiple objective functions at the lower levelAlves, Maria João; Henggeler Antunes, CarlosarticleembargoedAccess
18Dec-2022A Perspective on Administrative Distance: Theoretical Development and MeasurementAlves, André de Abreu Saraiva Monteiro; Duarte, Marcelo Pereira ; Carvalho, Fernando Manuel Pereira de OliveiraarticleopenAccess
19Aug-2022Recovery and exit of zombie firms in PortugalCarreira, Carlos ; Teixeira, Paulino ; Nieto-Carrillo, ErnestoarticleopenAccess
202022The Maritime Sector and Its Problematic Decarbonization: A Systematic Review of the Contribution of Alternative FuelsSantos, Vinicius Andrade dos ; Silva, Patrícia Pereira da ; Serrano, Luís Manuel Ventura articleopenAccess