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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12018Atlantic social innovation mapping: a multilevel perspectivePinto, Hugo ; Sampaio, Fábio ; Carrozza, Chiara ; Nogueira, Carla bookopenAccess
225-Jan-2021Social Innovation and the Role of the State: Learning from the Portuguese Experience on Multi-Level InteractionsPinto, Hugo ; Nogueira, Carla ; Guerreiro, J. André; Sampaio, Fábio articleopenAccess
32020Social Innovation in a World of Multiple TransitionsLaranja, Manuel; Pinto, Hugo reportopenAccess
42019Social innovation pilot actions in the Atlantic Area: A proposal for monitoring impactsPinto, Hugo ; Sampaio, Fábio; Nogueira, CarlareportopenAccess
52020Social Innovation towards Sustainability: Embracing Contemporary Challenges for Regional Development: Book of AbstractsPinto, Hugo ; Nogueira, CarlabookopenAccess
614-Mar-2022Transformation for a Post-Pandemic World: Exploring Social Innovations in Six DomainsLaranja, Manuel ; Pinto, Hugo articleopenAccess
72020Trends on Social Innovation: Perspectives from Four DomainsPinto, Hugo ; Guerreiro, André; Di Nunzio, Paola; Nogueira, CarlareportopenAccess