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Nogueira, Carla
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12018Atlantic social innovation mapping: a multilevel perspectivePinto, Hugo ; Sampaio, Fábio ; Carrozza, Chiara ; Nogueira, Carla bookopenAccess
22018Economic Crisis, Turbulence and the Resilience of Innovation: Insights from the Atlantic Maritime ClusterPinto, Hugo ; Uyarra, Elvira ; Bleda, Mercedes ; Nogueira, Carla ; Almeida, Helena bookPartembargoedAccess
32018Smart specialisation in Africa: Potential for regional development in Cameroon based in tourism-training-innovation resourcesUlrich, Tchakounte Ngassa ; Pinto, Hugo ; Nogueira, Carla articleopenAccess
42017Social innovation and Smart Specialisation: Challenges and Opportunities for Atlantic RegionsNogueira, Carla ; Pinto, Hugo ; Sampaio, Fábio articleopenAccess