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Vieira, Gabriela Cortês
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12023Digitalisation in the Atlantic Area: A Brief Statistical OverviewPinto, Hugo; Vieira, Gabriela ; Nogueira, CarlareportopenAccess
22023Digitalisation landscape in the European Union: Statistical insights for a Digital TransformationPinto, Hugo; Nogueira, Carla; Vieira, Gabriela articleopenAccess
3Nov-2022Insights from Africa-Europe Cooperation in Higher Education Institutions, Sustaining a Wise Use of Geological ResourcesPinto, Hugo ; Vieira, Gabriela Cortês ; Nogueira, Carla; Tavares, Alexandre reportopenAccess
42023Social Innovation and Digitalisation of Public Services: An Impact Assessment of Atlantic Pilot InitiativesPinto, Hugo; Nogueira, Carla; Vieira, Gabriela reportopenAccess