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2018Effect of Thermal Stress on Tissue Ultrastructure and Metabolite Profiles During Initiation of Radiata Pine Somatic EmbryogenesisCastander-Olarieta, Ander; Montalbán, Itziar A.; De Medeiros Oliveira, Eliana; Dell'Aversana, Emilia; D'Amelia, Luisa; Carillo, Petronia; Steiner, Neusa; Fraga, Hugo Pacheco De Freitas; Guerra, Miguel Pedro; Goicoa, Tomás; Ugarte, María Dolores; Pereira, Cátia ; Moncaleán, PalomaarticleopenAccess
2020Embryonal Masses Induced at High Temperatures in Aleppo Pine: Cytokinin Profile and Cytological CharacterizationPereira, Cátia ; Castander-Olarieta, Ander; Montalbán, Itziar A.; Pěnčík, Aleš; Petřík, Ivan; Pavlović, Iva; De Medeiros Oliveira, Eliana; Freitas Fraga, Hugo Pacheco de; Guerra, Miguel Pedro; Novák, Ondrej; Strnad, Miroslav; Canhoto, Jorge ; Moncaleán, PalomaarticleopenAccess
29-Oct-2021Heat Stress in Pinus halepensis Somatic Embryogenesis Induction: Effect in DNA Methylation and Differential Expression of Stress-Related GenesPereira, Cátia ; Castander-Olarieta, Ander; Sales, Ester; Montalbán, Itziar A; Canhoto, Jorge ; Moncaleán, PalomaarticleopenAccess
13-Dec-2020Induction of Radiata Pine Somatic Embryogenesis at High Temperatures Provokes a Long-Term Decrease in DNA Methylation/Hydroxymethylation and Differential Expression of Stress-Related GenesCastander-Olarieta, Ander; Pereira, Cátia ; Sales, Ester; Meijón, Mónica; Arrillaga, Isabel; Cañal, María Jesús; Goicoa, Tomás; Ugarte, María Dolores; Moncaleán, Paloma; Montalbán, Itziar A.articleopenAccess
2021Proteome-Wide Analysis of Heat-Stress in Pinus radiata Somatic Embryos Reveals a Combined Response of Sugar Metabolism and Translational Regulation MechanismsCastander-Olarieta, Ander; Pereira, Cátia ; Montalbán, Itziar A; Mendes, Vera M. ; Correia, Sandra ; Suárez-Álvarez, Sonia; Manadas, Bruno ; Canhoto, Jorge ; Moncaleán, PalomaarticleopenAccess
13-Apr-2023Proteomic and Metabolic Analysis of Pinus halepensis Mill. Embryonal Masses Induced under Heat StressPereira, Cátia ; Castander-Olarieta, Ander; Montalbán, Itziar A.; Mendes, Vera M. ; Correia, Sandra ; Pedrosa, Ana ; Manadas, Bruno ; Moncaleán, Paloma; Canhoto, Jorge articleopenAccess
2021Regeneration of Pinus halepensis (Mill.) through Organogenesis from Apical Shoot BudsPereira, Cátia ; Montalbán, Itziar A.; Pedrosa, Ana ; Tavares, Jéssica ; Pestryakov, Alexey; Bogdanchikova, Nina; Canhoto, Jorge ; Moncaleán, PalomaarticleopenAccess
2018Short communication: The effect of changing temperature and agar concentration at proliferation stage in the final success of Aleppo pine somatic embryogenesisPereira, Cátia ; Montalbán, Itziar A.; Goicoa, Tomás; Ugarte, M. Dolores; Correia, Sandra ; Canhoto, Jorge ; Moncaleán, PalomaarticleopenAccess
2020Stress Modulation in Pinus spp. Somatic Embryogenesis as Model for Climate Change Mitigation: Stress Is Not Always a ProblemCastander-Olarieta, Ander; Pereira, Cátia ; Montalbán, Itziar A.; Canhoto, Jorge ; Moncaleán, PalomabookPartembargoedAccess
14-Feb-2023Testing Explant Sources, Culture Media, and Light Conditions for the Improvement of Organogenesis in Pinus ponderosa (P. Lawson and C. Lawson)Rojas-Vargas, Alejandra; Castander-Olarieta, Ander; do Nascimento, Antonia Maiara Marques; Vélez, María Laura; Pereira, Cátia ; Martins, João ; Zuzarte, Mónica ; Canhoto, Jorge ; Montalbán, Itziar A.; Moncaleán, PalomaarticleopenAccess
2020Use of Biotechnology in Forestry Breeding Programs for Natural Resources and Biodiversity Conservation: Creating Super Trees for the FutureMontalbán, Itziar A.; Castander-Olarieta, Ander; Pereira, Cátia ; Canhoto, Jorge ; Moncaleán, PalomabookPartembargoedAccess