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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1-May-2023Formulation Development and Evaluation of Indian Propolis Hydrogel for Wound HealingKapare, Harshad S; Giram, Prabhanjan S; Raut, Sadhana S; Gaikwad, Hemant K; Paiva-Santos, Ana Cláudia articleopenAccess
17-Oct-2023Formulation, Characterization, and Evaluation of β-Cyclodextrin Functionalized Hypericin Loaded NanocarriersWaqar, Muhammad Ahsan; Zaman, Muhammad; Hameed, Huma; Jamshaid, Muhammad; Irfan, Ali; Shazly, Gamal A.; Paiva-Santos, Ana Cláudia ; Bin Jardan, Yousef A.articleopenAccess
2022Gut-Thyroid axis: How gut microbial dysbiosis associated with euthyroid thyroid cancerIshaq, Hafiz Muhammad; Mohammad, Imran Shair; Hussain, Riaz; Parveen, Rashida; Shirazi, Jafir Hussain; Fan, Yang; Shahzad, Muhammad; Hayat, Khezar; Li, Huan; Ihsan, Ayesha; Muhammad, Kiran Sher; Usman, Muhammad; Zhang, Siruo; Yuan, Lu; Ullah, Shakir; Santos, Ana Cláudia Paiva ; Xu, JiruarticleopenAccess
Dec-2017Ibuprofen nanocrystals developed by 22 factorial design experiment: A new approach for poorly water-soluble drugsFernandes, A. R. ; Ferreira, N. R. ; Fangueiro, J. F. ; Santos, A. C. ; Veiga, F. J. ; Cabral, C. ; Silva, A. M.; Souto, E. B. articleopenAccess
2023In Vitro Models for Anti-Aging Efficacy Assessment: A Critical Update in Dermocosmetic ResearchCruz, Ana M.; Gonçalves, Margarida C. ; Marques, Matilde S. ; Veiga, Francisco ; Paiva-Santos, Ana Cláudia ; Pires, Patrícia C. articleopenAccess
20-Oct-2020Internship and Monograph reports entitled ”Application of cyclodextrins for the development of parenteral formulations"Campos, Joana Marques demasterThesisembargoedAccess
11-Nov-2020Internship and Monograph reports entitled ”Cell Membrane-Coated Nanosystems for Gene Delivery Applications"Sequeira, Marta BaptistamasterThesisopenAccess
20-Oct-2020Internship and Monograph reports entitled ”The Role of Nanoclays in Cancer Therapy"Peixoto, Diana CastromasterThesisopenAccess
14-Oct-2023Lamotrigine-Loaded Poloxamer-Based Thermo-Responsive Sol-Gel: Formulation, In Vitro Assessment, Ex Vivo Permeation, and Toxicology StudyRiaz, Maria; Zaman, Muhammad; Hameed, Huma; Sarwar, Hafiz Shoaib; Khan, Mahtab Ahmad; Irfan, Ali; Shazly, Gamal A; Paiva-Santos, Ana Cláudia ; Jardan, Yousef A BinarticleopenAccess
25-Jan-2018Layer-by-Layer nanoparticles designed to improve the bioavailability of resveratrolSantos, Ana Cláudia Paiva doctoralThesisopenAccess
2023Liposome-based diagnostic and therapeutic applications for pancreatic cancerRaza, Faisal; Evans, Lauren; Motallebi, Mahzad; Zafar, Hajra; Pereira-Silva, Miguel ; Saleem, Kalsoom; Peixoto, Diana ; Rahdar, Abbas; Sharifi, Esmaeel; Veiga, Francisco ; Hoskins, Clare; Paiva-Santos, Ana Cláudia articleopenAccess
8-Oct-2023Liposome-Derived Nanosystems for the Treatment of Behavioral and Neurodegenerative Diseases: The Promise of Niosomes, Transfersomes, and Ethosomes for Increased Brain Drug BioavailabilityPires, Patrícia C. ; Paiva-Santos, Ana Cláudia ; Veiga, Francisco articleopenAccess
Jan-2023miRNA-encapsulated abiotic materials and biovectors for cutaneous and oral wound healing: Biogenesis, mechanisms, and delivery nanocarriersDeka Dey, Asmita; Yousefiasl, Satar; Kumar, Arun; Dabbagh Moghaddam, Farnaz; Rahimmanesh, Ilnaz; Samandari, Mohamadmahdi; Jamwal, Sumit; Maleki, Aziz; Mohammadi, Abbas; Rabiee, Navid; Paiva-Santos, Ana Cláudia ; Tamayol, Ali; Sharifi, Esmaeel; Makvandi, PooyanarticleopenAccess
28-Apr-2023Nanogel Containing Gamma-Oryzanol-Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers and TiO2/MBBT: A Synergistic Nanotechnological Approach of Potent Natural Antioxidants and Nanosized UV Filters for Skin ProtectionBadalkhani, Omolbanin; Pires, Patrícia C. ; Mohammadi, Maryam; Babaie, Soraya; Paiva-Santos, Ana Cláudia ; Hamishehkar, HamedarticleopenAccess
2023Nanomaterials in Cosmetics: An Outlook for European Regulatory Requirements and a Step Forward in SustainabilityFerreira, Laura ; Pires, Patrícia C. ; Fonseca, Mariana ; Costa, Gustavo ; Giram, Prabhanjan Shridhar; Mazzola, Priscila Gava; Bell, Victoria ; Mascarenhas-Melo, Filipa ; Veiga, Francisco ; Paiva-Santos, Ana Cláudia articleopenAccess
21-Jun-2023Nanostructures for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of viral respiratory infections: from influenza virus to SARS-CoV-2 variantsSharifi, Esmaeel; Yousefiasl, Satar; Trovato, Maria; Sartorius, Rossella; Esmaeili, Yasaman; Goodarzi, Hamid; Ghomi, Matineh; Bigham, Ashkan; Moghaddam, Farnaz Dabbagh; Heidarifard, Maryam; Pourmotabed, Samiramis; Nazarzadeh Zare, Ehsan; Paiva-Santos, Ana Cláudia ; Rabiee, Navid; Wang, Xiangdong; Tay, Franklin RarticleopenAccess
17-Feb-2023Nanosystems for Brain Targeting of Antipsychotic Drugs: An Update on the Most Promising Nanocarriers for Increased Bioavailability and Therapeutic EfficacyFerreira, Maria Daniela; Duarte, Joana; Veiga, Francisco ; Paiva-Santos, Ana Cláudia ; Pires, Patrícia C. articleopenAccess
20-Mar-2023Nanosystems, Drug Molecule Functionalization and Intranasal Delivery: An Update on the Most Promising Strategies for Increasing the Therapeutic Efficacy of Antidepressant and Anxiolytic DrugsAntunes, Jéssica ; Amado, Joana ; Veiga, Francisco ; Paiva-Santos, Ana Cláudia ; Pires, Patrícia C. articleopenAccess
21-Sep-2018nanotechnology approaches for topical delivery of minoxidilBaptista, Pedro Alexandre Rosa masterThesisopenAccess
19-Sep-2019Nanotechnology-based SunscreensGomes, Ana Raquel Chá ChámasterThesisclosedAccess