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2003Energy-efficient motor systems in the industrial and in the services sectors in the European Union: characterisation, potentials, barriers and policiesAlmeida, Aníbal T. de ; Fonseca, Paula ; Bertoldi, Paolo articleopenAccess
2004Evaluation of fuel-switching opportunities in the residential sectorAlmeida, Aníbal T. de ; Lopes, Ana ; Carvalho, Anabela ; Mariano, Jorge ; Nunes, Catarina articleopenAccess
2004Examining the potential of natural gas demand-side measures to benefit customers, the distribution utility, and the environment: two case studies from EuropeAlmeida, Aníbal T. de ; Lopes, Ana Cristina ; Carvalho, Anabela ; Mariano, Jorge ; Jahn, Andreas ; Broege, Michael articleopenAccess
Apr-1999Learning sensor-based navigation of a real mobile robot in unknown worldsAraújo, Rui ; Almeida, Aníbal T. de articleopenAccess
2003Market transformation of energy-efficient motor technologies in the EUAlmeida, Aníbal T. de ; Fonseca, Paula ; Falkner, Hugh ; Bertoldi, Paolo articleopenAccess
2005Multi-impact evaluation of new medium and large hydropower plants in Portugal centre regionAlmeida, Aníbal T. de ; Moura, Pedro S. ; Marques, Alféu S. ; Almeida, José L. de articleopenAccess
2005Multisensor Demining RobotRachkov, Michael Yu. ; Marques, Lino ; Almeida, Aníbal T. de articleopenAccess
2002Olfaction-based mobile robot navigationMarques, Lino ; Nunes, Urbano ; Almeida, Aníbal T. de articleopenAccess
Sep-2013OmniClimbers: omni-directional magnetic wheeled climbing robots for inspection of ferromagnetic structuresTavakoli, Mahmoud ; Viegas, Carlos ; Marques, Lino ; Pires, J. Norberto ; Almeida, Aníbal T. de articleopenAccess
Jan-2012Potential of Pev to Provide Ancillary Services in a Smart Grid Context - The Portuguese CaseMelo, Nuno A. Cavaleiro masterThesisopenAccess
15-Sep-2014Primary and secondary use of electric mobility batteries from a life cycle perspectiveFaria, Ricardo ; Marques, Pedro ; Garcia, Rita ; Moura, Pedro ; Freire, Fausto ; Delgado, Joaquim ; Almeida, Aníbal T. de articleopenAccess
1998Sensor-based demand-controlled ventilation: a reviewFisk, William J. ; Almeida, Aníbal T. de articleopenAccess