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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2021Fire Danger Harmonization Based on the Fire Weather Index for Transboundary Events between Portugal and SpainAlves, Daniela ; Almeida, Miguel ; Viegas, Domingos Xavier ; Novo, Ilda; Luna, M. YolandaarticleopenAccess
2022A call for a national strategy for indoor air qualityWinck, J. C.; Almeida, S. M.; Correia, G. ; Gabriel, M. F.; Marques, G.; Silva, M. G. articleopenAccess
2022Customer knowledge and behavior on the use of food refrigerated display cabinets: A Portuguese caseGonçalves, João Carlos ; Guiné, Raquel P. F. ; Amoedo, Carolina; Correia, PaulaarticleopenAccess
2022Influence of Convectively Driven Flows in the Course of a Large Fire in Portugal: The Case of Pedrógão GrandePinto, Paulo; Silva, Álvaro Pimpão; Viegas, Domingos Xavier ; Almeida, Miguel ; Raposo, Jorge ; Ribeiro, Luís Mário articleopenAccess
2014Differences between the detonation behavior of emulsion explosives sensitized with glass or with polymeric micro-balloonsMendes, R. ; Ribeiro, J. ; Plaksin, I. ; Campos, J. ; Tavares, B. articleopenAccess
2015An Approach to Urban Quarter Design Using Building Generative Design and Thermal Performance OptimizationRodrigues, Eugénio ; Amaral, Ana Rita ; Gaspar, Adélio Rodrigues ; Gomes, Álvaro articleopenAccess
2017Design and modelling of a small scale biomass-fueled CHP system based on Rankine technologySantos, Marcio ; André, Jorge ; Mendes, Ricardo ; Ribeiro, José B. articleopenAccess
2017Development of a direct concept helical-coil evaporator for an ORC based micro-CHP systemPereira, João S. ; Ribeiro, José B. ; Mendes, Ricardo ; Vaz, Gilberto C. ; André, Jorge C. articleopenAccess
2017Simulation of Occupancy and CO 2 -based Demand-controlled Mechanical Ventilation Strategies in an Office Room Using EnergyPlusChenari, Behrang ; Lamas, Francisco B. ; Gaspar, Adélio R. ; Silva, Manuel G. da articleopenAccess
2018Uncertainty Analysis of the Mean Radiant Temperature Measurement based on Globe Temperature ProbesSilva, Manuel Gameiro da ; Santana, Maria Marrero ; Alves e Sousa, JoãoarticleopenAccess
2019Effect of Canyons on a Fire Propagating Laterally Over SlopesRodrigues, André ; Ribeiro, Carlos ; Raposo, Jorge ; Viegas, Domingos Xavier ; André, Jorge articleopenAccess
2021Characterization of Firebrands Released From Different Burning Tree SpeciesAlmeida, Miguel ; Porto, Leonardo ; Viegas, Domingos articleopenAccess
2021Numerical modeling of plasma gasification process of polychlorinated biphenyl wastesOkati, Armin; Khani, Mohammad Reza; Shokri, Babak; Monteiro, Eliseu ; Rouboa, AbelarticleopenAccess
2021[The Importance of Indoor Air Quality in the COVID-19 Pandemic]Silva, Manuel Gameiro da articleopenAccess
2021Modeling and simulation of a fixed bed gasification process for thermal treatment of municipal solid waste and agricultural residuesOliveira, Matheus; Ramos, Ana; Monteiro, Eliseu ; Rouboa, AbelarticleopenAccess
2021Evaluation of the Thermofluidic Performance of Climatic Chambers: Numerical and Experimental StudiesRamezani, Bahareh; Tadeu, António ; Jesus, Tiago ; Brett, Michael ; Mendes, JoelarticleopenAccess
2021Impact of Environmental Exposure on the Service Life of Façade Claddings—A Statistical AnalysisBarrelas, Joana; Dias, Ilídio S.; Silva, Ana; Brito, Jorge de; Flores-Colen, Inês ; Tadeu, António articleopenAccess
2022Ultrasonic Atomization: New Spray Characterization ApproachesPanão, Miguel articleopenAccess
2022Design of new modular metal pallets: Experimental validation and life cycle analysisZacchei, Enrico; Tadeu, António ; Almeida, João ; Esteves, Miguel Alberto Pereira ; Santos, Maria Inês; Silva, SamuelarticleopenAccess
2022Thermal and Mechanical Characterisation of Sandwich Core Materials for Climatic Chamber Shells Subjected to High TemperaturesDias, Sara ; Tadeu, António ; Ramalho, Amilcar ; Brett, Michael ; Pedro, Filipe articleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45