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Chenari, Behrang
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12017Development of a new CO2-based Demand-controlled Ventilation Strategy Using EnergyPlusChenari, Behrang ; Lamas, Francisco Bispo ; Gaspar, Adélio Rodrigues ; Silva, Manuel Carlos Gameiro da conferenceObjectopenAccess
220-Feb-2014Numerical modelling of regular wave propagation using OpenFOAMChenari, Behrang masterThesisopenAccess
32023A Review of Methodologies for Managing Energy Flexibility Resources in BuildingsPedram, Omid ; Asadi, Ehsan ; Chenari, Behrang ; Moura, Pedro ; Gameiro da Silva, Manuel articleopenAccess
42017Simulation of Occupancy and CO 2 -based Demand-controlled Mechanical Ventilation Strategies in an Office Room Using EnergyPlusChenari, Behrang ; Lamas, Francisco B. ; Gaspar, Adélio R. ; Silva, Manuel G. da articleopenAccess
52023A Systematic Review of Uncertainty Handling Approaches for Electric Grids Considering Electrical VehiclesAuza, Anna ; Asadi, Ehsan ; Chenari, Behrang ; Gameiro da Silva, Manuel articleopenAccess
6Oct-2016Teaching and researching the indoor environment: From traditional experimental techniques towards web-enabled practicesPereira, Luisa Dias ; Carrilho, João ; Brito, Nelson da Silva ; Gomes, Maria de Fátima Teixeira Rocheta ; Mateus, Mário ; Chenari, Behrang ; Silva, Manuel Carlos Gameiro da articleembargoedAccess
72023The Indoor Climate of Hospitals in Tropical Countries: A Systematic ReviewNyembwe, Jean-Paul Kapuya Bulaba; Ogundiran, John Omomoluwa; Chenari, Behrang ; Simões, Nuno Albino Vieira ; Silva, Manuel Gameiro da articleopenAccess