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Title: Detection of the damage caused to DNA by a thiophene-S-oxide using an electrochemical DNA-biosensor
Authors: Brett, Ana Maria Oliveira 
Silva, Luis Antônio da 
Fujii, Hideki 
Mataka, Shuntaro 
Thiemann, Thies 
Keywords: Thiophene-S-oxide; DNA-biosensor; Oxidative damage; 8-Oxoguanine; Voltammetry; Electrochemistry; Oxidation; Reduction; DNA-electrochemical biosensors
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry. 549:(2003) 91-99
Abstract: The electrochemistry of 3,4-dibenzyl-2,5-dimethylthiophene-S-oxide was investigated as well as its interaction with dsDNA. The electrochemical study of the thiophene-S-oxide was performed at different pH values, in a mixed solvent and by solid state voltammetry, and showed that the molecule is reduced at a very negative potential, and the reduction is pH dependent. A glassy carbon electrode modified with a thick thiophene-S-oxide+dsDNA mixture was used to study the interaction of thiophene-S-oxide in situ with dsDNA at a charged interface. The experimental results give strong evidence that the reduced thiophene-S-oxide interacts with dsDNA causing damage with possible strand break and that the thiophene-S-oxide adduct formed with dsDNA can still undergo reduction.
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