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Brett, A. M. Oliveira
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12004AFM and electroanalytical studies of synthetic oligonucleotide hybridizationPaquim, A. -M. Chiorcea ; Diculescu, V. C. ; Oretskaya, T. S. ; Brett, A. M. Oliveira articleopenAccess
215-Dec-2006Atomic Force Microscopy and Anodic Voltammetry Characterization of a 49-Mer Diels-Alderase RibozymeChiorcea-Paquim, A. M. ; Piedade, J. A. P. ; Wombacher, R. ; Jäschke, A. ; Oliveira-Brett, A. M. articleopenAccess
32002Detection of the damage caused to DNA by niclosamide using an electrochemical DNA-biosensorAbreu, F. C. ; Goulart, M. O. F. ; Brett, A. M. Oliveira articleopenAccess
42010DNA Interaction with Palladium Chelates of Biogenic Polyamines Using Atomic Force Microscopy and Voltammetric CharacterizationCorduneanu, O. ; Chiorcea-Paquim, A.-M. ; Diculescu, V. ; Fiuza, S. M. ; Marques, M. P. M. ; Oliveira-Brett, A. M. articleopenAccess
512-Feb-2003Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Studies of the Oxidation Mechanism of the Herbicide PropanilGarrido, E. M. ; Lima, J. L. F. C. ; Delerue-Matos, C. ; Borges, F. ; Silva, A. M. S. ; Piedade, J. A. P. ; Brett, A. M. Oliveira articleopenAccess
61999Electrochemical behaviour of cytochrome c at electrically heated microelectrodesVoss, T. ; Gründler, P. ; Brett, C. M. A. ; Brett, A. M. Oliveira articleopenAccess
72002Electrochemical detection of in situ adriamycin oxidative damage to DNAOliveira-Brett, A. M. ; Vivan, M. ; Fernandes, I. R. ; Piedade, J. A. P. articleopenAccess
82002Electrochemical oxidation mechanism of guanine and adenine using a glassy carbon microelectrodeOliveira-Brett, A. M. ; Diculescu, V. ; Piedade, J. A. P. articleopenAccess
91999Electrochemical oxidation of mitoxantrone at a glassy carbon electrodeBrett, A. M. Oliveira ; Macedo, T. R. A. ; Raimundo, D. ; Marques, M. H. ; Serrano, S. H. P. articleopenAccess
102007Electrochemical oxidation of ochratoxin A at a glassy carbon electrode and in situ evaluation of the interaction with deoxyribonucleic acid using an electrochemical deoxyribonucleic acid-biosensorOliveira, S. C. B. ; Diculescu, V. C. ; Palleschi, G. ; Compagnone, D. ; Oliveira-Brett, A. M. articleopenAccess
112001Electrochemical oxidation of propanil and related N-substituted amidesGarrido, E. M. ; Lima, J. L. F. C. ; Delerue-Matos, C. ; Borges, F. ; Silva, A. M. S. ; Brett, A. M. Oliveira articleopenAccess
122004Electrochemical sensing of the behaviour of oligonucleotide lipoplexes at charged interfacesPiedade, J. A. P. ; Mano, M. ; Lima, M. C. Pedroso de ; Oretskaya, T. S. ; Oliveira-Brett, A. M. articleopenAccess
131999Electrochemical studies and square wave adsorptive stripping voltammetry of the antidepressant fluoxetineSilva, A. M. S. Roque da ; Lima, J. C. ; Teles, M. T. Oliva ; Brett, A. M. Oliveira articleopenAccess
142006Electrochemistry of nanoscale DNA surface films on carbonOliveira-Brett, A. M. ; Paquim, A. M. Chiorcea ; Diculescu, V. C. ; Piedade, J. A. P. articleopenAccess
15Dec-2013Human colon adenocarcinoma HT-29 cell: electrochemistry and nicotine stimulationOliveira, S. C. B. ; Santarino, I. B. ; Enache, T. A. ; Nunes, C. ; Laranjinha, J. ; Barbosa, R. M. ; Oliveira-Brett, A. M. articleopenAccess
162002An impedance study of the adsorption of nucleic acid bases at glassy carbon electrodesOliveira-Brett, A. M. ; Brett, C. M. A. ; Silva, L. A. articleopenAccess
172002Oxidative behaviour of apomorphine and its metabolitesGarrido, J. M. P. J. ; Delerue-Matos, C. ; Borges, M. F. M. ; Macedo, T. R. A. ; Oliveira-Brett, A. M. articleopenAccess
182010Polynuclear palladium complexes with biogenic polyamines: AFM and voltammetric characterizationCorduneanu, O. ; Chiorcea-Paquim, A.-M. ; Fiuza, S.M. ; Marques, M.P.M. ; Oliveira-Brett, A.M. articleopenAccess
192002Scanning probe microscopic imaging of guanine on a highly oriented pyrolytic graphite electrodeChiorcea, A. -M. ; Oliveira-Brett, A. M. articleopenAccess
202005Synthetic oligonucleotides: AFM characterisation and electroanalytical studiesBrett, A. M. Oliveira ; Paquim, A.-M. Chiorcea ; Diculescu, V. ; Oretskaya, T. S. articleopenAccess