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Title: Beyond the cause of death: other pathological conditions in a female individual from the Coimbra Identified Skeletal Collection (Portugal)
Authors: Umbelino, Cláudia 
Santos, Ana Luísa 
Assis, Sandra 
Keywords: Paleopathology; Differential diagnosis; Tuberculosis; Skeletal abnormalities; Metabolic conditions
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: The Anthropological Society of Nippon
Citation: UMBELINO, Cláudia; SANTOS, Ana Luísa; ASSIS, Sandra - Beyond the cause of death: other pathological conditions in a female individual from the Coimbra Identified Skeletal Collection (Portugal). "Anthropological Science". ISSN 0918-7960. Vol. 120 nº 1 (2012) p. 73-79
Serial title, monograph or event: Anthropological Science
Volume: 120
Issue: 1
Abstract: Identified osteological collections are important sources for pathological studies, especially when the causes of death of the individuals are known. However, the individual may have suffered from other disorders, not related to the death and thus absent from written record of death. The aims of this paper are to describe the pathological signs perceptible on a skeleton, and to consider the possible aetiologies beyond the recorded cause of death. Skeleton number 470 belongs to the Identified Skeletal Collection of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. This female died in 1933, and pulmonary tuberculosis was recorded as the cause of death. The skeleton was observed macroscopically by the naked eye and with the help of a magnifying (10×) lens. Radiographic techniques were also applied. This individual presents skeletal abnormalities that include rib and vertebral agenesis, kyphoscoliosis, coxa vara in the right femur, left femoral head detachment with bone resorption in the corresponding acetabulum, and bilateral bowing of the fibulae. The differential diagnosis includes chromosomal or congenital, infectious, endocrine and metabolic diseases, with residual rickets the most probable pathological condition affecting this woman during her youth. This study shows that either in identified or unidentified skeletal samples, careful observation and a differential diagnosis is crucial.
ISSN: 0918-7960
DOI: 10.1537/ase.101130
Rights: openAccess
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