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Title: Übersetzung Deutsch-Portugiesisch und ingressive Verbalperiphrasen
Authors: Carecho, Judite 
Soares, Rute 
Editors: Leibrandt, Isabella
Jahn, Kathrin
Doval, Irene
Keywords: verbal periphrases; translation; Portuguese; German
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Peter Lang AG International Academic Publishers
Serial title, monograph or event: Arbeitswelten von gestern bis heute. Neue Studien in der Germanistik, Übersetzungswissenschaft und DaF
Place of publication or event: Suiça
Abstract: Using data from a translation corpus, the use of the ingressive verbal periphrases começar a, pôr-se a, desatar a and passar a + infinitive in Portuguese translations of German-language texts is examined. A study is made of the extent to which Portuguese verbal periphrases can be traced back to similar structures in the source text and what other features of the German texts condition the translation through an ingressive verbal periphrase. From the analysed data it emerges that the German verbs beginnen/anfangen are found in only about 30 % of the evidence in the source text, and only in the case of the periphrase começar a do they play a role in the majority of the evidence (just over 50 %). In all other cases, other aspects of the source text prove important in explaining the translation by a verbal periphrase, namely other verbs and adverbial expressions to mark the beginning of a situation, or narrative sequences and other contextual factors without specific linguistic marking, as well as the interaction between verbal periphrases and tenses. The corpus analysis makes it possible to identify the characteristics of the individual periphrases, to compare them with already existing descriptions of meaning and to supplement them if necessary.
ISBN: 9783034340960
Rights: openAccess
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