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Carbone, Claudia
Carbone, C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
113-Sep-2019Beneficial Effects of Dietary Polyphenols on Gut Microbiota and Strategies to Improve Delivery EfficiencyKumar Singh, Amit; Cabral, Célia ; Kumar, Ramesh; Ganguly, Risha; Kumar Rana, Harvesh; Gupta, Ashutosh; Rosaria Lauro, Maria; Carbone, Claudia ; Reis, Flávio ; Pandey, Abhay K.articleopenAccess
213-May-2019Clotrimazole-Loaded Mediterranean Essential Oils NLC: A Synergic Treatment of Candida Skin InfectionsCarbone, Claudia ; Teixeira, Maria do Céu ; Sousa, Maria Céu ; Martins-Gomes, Carlos; Silva, Amelia M.; Souto, Eliana Maria Barbosa ; Musumeci, TeresaarticleopenAccess
320-Mar-2020Nanomedicines for the Delivery of Antimicrobial Peptides (AMPs)Teixeira, Maria C. ; Carbone, Claudia ; Sousa, Maria do Céu ; Espina, Marta; Garcia, Maria L. ; Sanchez-Lopez, ElenaarticleopenAccess