Gonçalves, Joana Carrapiço

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Gonçalves, Joana Carrapiço
Gonçalves, Joana
Gonçalves, Joana
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UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
18-May-2012Histamine modulates microglia functionFerreira, Raquel ; Santos, Tiago ; Gonçalves, Joana ; Baltazar, Graça ; Ferreira, Lino ; Agasse, Fabienne ; Bernardino, Liliana articleopenAccess
22017Microglia in Health and Disease: A Double-Edged SwordSantiago, Ana Raquel ; Bernardino, Liliana ; Agudo-Barriuso, Marta; Gonçalves, Joana articleopenAccess
326-Apr-2023Neurobehavioral sex-related differences in Nf1+/- mice: female show a "camouflaging"-type behaviorSantos, Sofia ; Martins, Beatriz ; Sereno, José ; Martins, João ; Castelo-Branco, Miguel ; Gonçalves, Joana articleopenAccess
423-Feb-2022Nose-to-brain delivery of lacosamide, levetiracetam and zonisamide and the impact of BCRP efflux: an in vitro/in vivo approach.Gonçalves, Joana Carrapiço doctoralThesisopenAccess
51-Oct-2020Pharmacokinetic Monitoring of Levetiracetam in Portuguese Refractory Epileptic Patients: Effect of Gender, Weight and Concomitant TherapySilva, Rui ; Almeida, Anabela M. ; Bicker, Joana ; Gonçalves, Joana ; Carona, Andreia ; Silva, Ana; Santana, Isabel; Sales, Francisco; Falcão, Amílcar ; Fortuna, Ana articleopenAccess
66-Jul-2012Prevention of methamphetamine-induced microglial cell death by TNF-α and IL-6 through activation of the JAK-STAT pathwayCoelho-Santos, Vanessa ; Gonçalves, Joana ; Fontes-Ribeiro, Carlos A. ; Silva, Ana Paula articleopenAccess
72017Testing the excitation/inhibition imbalance hypothesis in a mouse model of the autism spectrum disorder: in vivo neurospectroscopy and molecular evidence for regional phenotypesGonçalves, Joana ; Violante, Inês R. ; Sereno, José ; Leitão, Ricardo A. ; Cai, Ying; Abrunhosa, Antero ; Silva, Ana Paula ; Silva, Alcino J.; Castelo-Branco, Miguel articleopenAccess