Mieiro, Cláudia Leopoldina

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Mieiro, Cláudia Leopoldina
CL Mieiro
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C Mieiro started her academic path at the Univ. of Coimbra (UC), where she obtained a degree in Biology and a Master in Ecology. In between, C Mieiro was a trainee at Institute forNature Conservation and Forests at Coimbra. In 2004 she obtained a specialization in Planning and Environmental Law also at the UC. In 2005 she integrated CESAM’s team as a research fellow and in 2011 she obtained her PhD in Chemistry at CESAM – Univ. of Aveiro (UA). During this period, she published 30 peer-reviewed research papers in international journals and 1 book chapter, out of which she is the first/ corresponding author in 15 papers. She has 5 papers in collaboration with international teams, 3 of each as independent researcher. Most of these papers were published in high-impact factor and highly regarded multidisciplinary journals from quartile 1 of Marine and Freshwater Biology and Environmental Sciences areas. One of her papers was highlighted as a hot article by the journal editor and was on the top 10 accessed papers in May 2009. From 2009 to 2011 she integrated the SETAC student advisory council resulting in 1 research paper. C Mieiro has also 2 publications in national meetings.
Between 2001 and 2006 she worked as a research fellow for several national and international funded projects, which resulted in a gap in her research career, since she developed mainly technical work. In these projects, she was responsible for a wide range of tasks, including planning and executing field and lab work, data analysis and reports publication. Presently, she is a Post Doc fellow in CESAM and also collaborator at the Centre for Functional Ecology (CFE) – UC, and her research interests include the mechanisms of toxic effects of multi-contaminants in aquatic organisms and systems. In 2009 she made an internship in the laboratory of Dr R Blust and L Bervoets in Antwerp - Belgium. She collaborates with Drs C Palmeira and A Moreno from the Centre for Neuroscience and Cell Biology - UC and Dr Miguel Pardal from the CFE-UC. In the biostatistics field, she also works with Dr T Marques from Univ. of St Andrews, Scotland and M Dolbeth from the CIIMAR- Univ. Porto, Dr MH Costa and M. Martins from FCT-UNL. Recently, she started collaboration with E Cabrita from CCMAR-UAlgarve and J Asturiano from UP València, Spain. Since 2011, C Mieiro has actively developed peer review referee work for highly regarded multidisciplinary journals. She was in the organizing committee of 4 workshops and a summer school held at the UA.
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12023Integrated Use of Bioaccumulation, Genotoxic, and Haematological Endpoints to Assess the Effect of Water Remediation Strategies on Fish Health: A Complementary StudyMieiro, Cláudia Leopoldina ; Coelho, João; Reis, Ana; Castro, Diana; Figueira, Paula; Martinho, Filipe ; Pardal, Miguel ; Pereira, Eduarda ; Pacheco, Mário; Lopes, CláudiaarticleopenAccess
22004Water quality in the Mondego river basin: Pollution and habitat heterogeneityFerreira, Verónica ; Graça, Manuel, A. S. ; Feio, Maria João ; Mieiro, Cláudia articleopenAccess