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Carrascal, Mylène A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
116-Jul-2021Antitumor Activity of Fucus vesiculosus-Derived Phlorotannins through Activation of Apoptotic Signals in Gastric and Colorectal Tumor Cell LinesCatarino, Marcelo D.; Fernandes, Iva; Oliveira, Hélder; Carrascal, Mylène A. ; Ferreira, Rita; Silva, Artur M. S. ; Cruz, Maria Teresa ; Mateus, Nuno; Cardoso, Susana MarticleopenAccess
24-Sep-2019Biomaterial-based platforms for in situ dendritic cell programming and their use in antitumor immunotherapyCalmeiro, João ; Carrascal, Mylène A. ; Gomes, Célia ; Falcão, Amílcar C. ; Cruz, Maria Teresa ; Neves, Bruno Miguel articleopenAccess
321-Oct-2020Calcium Modulation, Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Skin Allergens Targeting the Nrf2 Signaling Pathway in Alzheimer's Disease Cellular ModelsSilva, Ana ; Pereira, Marta ; Carrascal, Mylène A. ; Brites, Gonçalo; Neves, Bruno; Moreira, Patrícia ; Resende, Rosa ; Silva, Maria Manuel ; Santos, Armanda E. ; Pereira, Cláudia ; Cruz, Maria Teresa articleopenAccess
42-Mar-2023CuMV VLPs Containing the RBM from SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Drive Dendritic Cell Activation and Th1 PolarizationSebastião, Ana Isabel ; Mateus, Daniela ; Carrascal, Mylène A. ; Sousa, Cátia ; Cortes, Luísa ; Bachmann, Martin F; do Carmo, Anália; Matos, Ana M. ; Sales, M. Goreti F. ; Cruz, M. Teresa articleopenAccess
515-Feb-2020Dendritic Cell Vaccines for Cancer Immunotherapy: The Role of Human Conventional Type 1 Dendritic CellsCalmeiro, João ; Carrascal, Mylène A. ; Tavares, Adriana Ramos ; Ferreira, Daniel Alexandre ; Gomes, Célia ; Falcão, Amílcar ; Cruz, Maria Teresa ; Neves, Bruno Miguel articleopenAccess
610-Dec-2020Dendritic Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapy: The Role of DC-NK CrosstalkFerreira, Daniel Alexandre Bento masterThesisembargoedAccess
72020In-Depth Analysis of the Impact of Different Serum-Free Media on the Production of Clinical Grade Dendritic Cells for Cancer ImmunotherapyCalmeiro, João ; Mendes, Luís; Duarte, Iola F. ; Leitão, Catarina ; Tavares, Adriana R. ; Ferreira, Daniel Alexandre ; Gomes, Célia ; Serra, João ; Falcão, Amílcar ; Cruz, Maria Teresa ; Carrascal, Mylène A. ; Neves, Bruno Miguel articleopenAccess