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Sousa, Cátia
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12022Bio-electrospraying assessment toward in situ chondrocyte-laden electrospun scaffold fabricationSemitela, Ângela; Ramalho, Gonçalo; Capitão, Ana; Sousa, Cátia ; Mendes, Alexandrina F. ; Marques, Paula A. A. P.; Completo, António articleopenAccess
22-Mar-2023CuMV VLPs Containing the RBM from SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Drive Dendritic Cell Activation and Th1 PolarizationSebastião, Ana Isabel ; Mateus, Daniela ; Carrascal, Mylène A. ; Sousa, Cátia ; Cortes, Luísa ; Bachmann, Martin F; do Carmo, Anália; Matos, Ana M. ; Sales, M. Goreti F. ; Cruz, M. Teresa articleopenAccess
34-Jul-2021Elucidation of the Mechanism Underlying the Anti-Inflammatory Properties of (S)-(+)-Carvone Identifies a Novel Class of Sirtuin-1 Activators in a Murine Macrophage Cell LineSousa, Cátia ; Neves, Bruno Miguel ; Leitão, Alcino Jorge ; Mendes, Alexandrina Ferreira articleopenAccess
42018Expression and function of neuropeptide y receptors in human articular cartilage: influence of gender and osteoarthritisFerreira, Inês Sofia dos Santos Rodrigues ; Sousa, Cátia Moreira ; Silva, Soraia; Judas, Fernando João Monteiro ; Cavadas, Cláudia Margarida Gonçalves ; Mendes, Alexandrina Ferreira articleopenAccess
529-Apr-2020Standardised comparison of limonene-derived monoterpenes identifies structural determinants of anti-inflammatory activitySousa, Cátia ; Leitão, Alcino Jorge ; Neves, Bruno Miguel ; Judas, Fernando ; Cavaleiro, Carlos ; Mendes, Alexandrina F. articleopenAccess
629-Jan-2022The Anti-Inflammatory Response of Lavandula luisieri and Lavandula pedunculata Essential OilsZuzarte, Mónica ; Sousa, Cátia ; Cavaleiro, Carlos ; Cruz, Maria Teresa ; Salgueiro, Lígia articleopenAccess